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The Philippines. Tour of Boracay

Mike Seryakov • 5 minutes read • February 13th, 2017


 is the beach capital of the Philippines. Boracay is often mentioned among the ten best beaches in the world. Boracay is a very small island with a length of about 7 km and a width of only 4 km, but it is so distinctive that you can come here again and again.
Here's the easiest way to move around Boracay - a motorcycle with an attached sidecar, which can carry up to 5 people at a time. 4 of them sit in the sidecar, and 1 - behind the driver. Each driver wears a T-shirt with the number and name on the back, so you can always identify who carries you now.
Here's a video I shot from such vehicle.
Boracay is also interesting by the fact that its western side has one of the best beaches in the world (White Beach) with white sand, and the eastern side of the island has Bulabog Beach. There's a strong wind and ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing.
The water is dirty with lots of seaweed, no one swims here.
It's perfect for kitesurfing.
These are the prices for kiteboarding courses in


(as of 2011). Prices are in the Philippine Pesos. 100 dollars were equal about 4,300 Philippine Pesos in the year 2011.
Old boats on Bulabog Beach.
Then I decided to visit the famous Сocomangas Shooter Bar.

The main idea of ​​the bar lies in the fact that the one who drinks 15 "shots" - 30 milliliters cocktails, gets a T-shirt with the content of 15 cocktails and an inscription on the back "still standing after 15..." A small plate with his name forever hang on the walls of this bar. Bar was established in 1987 and almost all of its walls are lined with these tablets. Everyone who did this can visit the website of the bar and go to "Hall of Fame" where he'll see his own plate.

We decided to try to get the same T-shirt and leave our mark in Сocomangas Shooter Bar history. First, we were brought a menu containing all 15 shots. 
This is the bar's interior.
Here are "15 shots" and a cup of salt, as some cocktails were with tequila. We are ready to start the competition.
We did this! After we finished the waitress came up to us and asked what sizes of T-shirts we wanted, asked to write our names on a piece of paper to be transferred to the metal plate and say something like slogan.
I have been in many bars, but I've never seen something like this. This is unusual, and I think that everyone in Boracay should visit Сocomangas Shooter Bar.

Another tour offered in Boracay is a helicopter trip. In my opinion this tour is not very interesting and quite expensive.
I suggest you to visit the Mount Luho in Borcay. There is a good observation deck. It offers a great view of the island and especially of Bulabog Beach with surfers.
This photo shows how narrow Boracay is. In the foreground is the beach for surfers - Bulabog - with excellent wind, and in the background is White Beach - ideal for swimming.
Boracay and lone sailboat in the vast ocean.
Mount Luho also has a zip line ride, when you ride on a rope over an abyss. It is rather short and not very interesting. Nevertheless, you can try it for a change.


leaves a bunch of pleasant emotions and experiences and you want to come back here again and again. 
Author: Mike Seryakov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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