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The Principality Of Monaco And Nice

Sapovich Ekaterina • 5 minutes read • November 12th, 2016


is like a fairy tale, with the dazzling sun and azure sea. This trip was a luxury holiday, and the beauty was literally in the air! Visiting this country fulfilled my childhood dream. This is a place of happiness, where you'll want to come back again and again.
1the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgDue to the fact that, in this small territory, tourists usually spend more time on the ships and the locals relax on their yachts, nobody hinders anyone. There are no crowds or human traffic jams.
2the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgMonaco is my place of power; I'm inspired there. By the way, the country was initially a lemon plantation. The lemonade there is delicious. 
Walking through the principality, I had the feeling that I was on a set; everything was so clean and so perfect, as if smokers ate their cigarette butts and trees did not shed their leaves.
3the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThis is a typical view.
4the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThis is the upper part of the principality. Tourists come here via luxury tour buses. Locals come here via the city bus for 1 euro (as of 2012).
This is the 

Prince's Palace in Monaco

. We visited it. It is very nice inside. Moreover, the luxury was restrained and humble.
6the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThis is the view of the other side of Monaco. It is less popular.
Notice the abundance of greenery on the roofs.  
7the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThis is the view of the church (Saint Nicholas Cathedral) and the blue-blue sky.
8the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgIn the Maritime Museum, besides the skeletons of giant fish and the rest of the collection replenished by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, there was the wedding collection of the prince and princess of Monaco; from clothes to dishes.
9the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgMonaco looked different at night.
10the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThere was parking by the Casino de Monte Carlo, near this fountain.
11the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg12the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg13the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThis is Nice. It was just as beautiful during the day as it was at night, both in the city center and the outskirts. Although, it is larger than Monaco.
14the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg15the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThere is a museum of Marc Chagall (pronounced Moishe Segal) in Nice. There was something to see called "kitsch" there, someone mentioned, but personally it was not inspiring.  
16the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThis is a railway station in Nice.
17the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgI always like to look in the windows and doors of buildings when walking around a city. The entrance to one building was open and turned out to be a palace. :)
18the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThere was a water park and zoo, called "Marineland", not far from Antibes. I did not like the water park, but I loved the penguins!
19the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThis was the maritime museum.
20the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg21the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg22the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThere was a killer whales show.
23the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgThis is a view of 


from the upper part of the city.
24the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg25the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg26the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg27the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgWalking around, it was as if we had been transported through a time machine. 
28the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg29the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg30the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpg31the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgUnlike Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Monaco, the beaches in Nice are rocky and the water is extremely azure.
I hope for the chance to visit again soon. 
32the-principality-of-monaco-and-environs.jpgAuthor:  Sapovich Ekaterina
Translated by: Zoozi

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