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The Shores Of Malta

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • June 29th, 2016
The word "limestone" is a perfect description of 

the Malta island b

ecause the whole archipelago consists of it. There were no pathways or waterfront zones around the island, only lifeless cliffs of volcanic rock.
3maltese-shores.jpgBeaches could be found in small lagoons. I was here in the winter, so there were few people:
4maltese-shores.jpgHere’s a typical view of the alluring turquoise waters and inaccessible rocks:
5maltese-shores.jpgSomething resembling a park for children had been built in one of the bays:
6maltese-shores.jpg7maltese-shores.jpgHere’s a boat station in the fishing village:
8maltese-shores.jpgThe piers were made in a very special way:
9maltese-shores.jpgThere were many grottoes and caves along the coast. We saw a beautiful arch in Gozo; I suppose that another arch will form here in the next few decades:  
10maltese-shores.jpgA piece of ground collapsed and a "pool" appeared in its place:
11maltese-shores.jpgLet's take a look at the villages:
13maltese-shores.jpgUnfortunately, we couldn't visit the villages below. There were several rows of stone fences around the little gardens in front of the houses. I guess the locals did want any guests:  
14maltese-shores.jpgThere were some watering hoses with drip irrigation between the hedges. It helped to save water:
15maltese-shores.jpgThere was also an abundance of cacti in strange forms:  
16maltese-shores.jpgI ran across empty houses many times, walking around the island. I didn't find bathrooms or people. Inside the small house pictured below, there was only a bed and a table. Nothing else. Nobody knew what this place was or why it was here. 
17maltese-shores.jpgSome flowers:
18maltese-shores.jpgThe roads crossed in all directions, but there were no pits:
19maltese-shores.jpg23maltese-shores.jpgA beach for dogs:
24maltese-shores.jpgHere’s a fishing village:
Locals were drying linen, without fear of rain.
25maltese-shores.jpgIn general, summer's are very dry here because rainfall is rare:  
26maltese-shores.jpgAuthor: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Zoozi

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