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Theater of Luminous Paintings in Jurmala

Nefer • 4 minutes read • January 1st, 2017
I found about this gallery just because I was in Jurmala and I was led to it. By the way, this artist exhibits his works in Moscow and Paris. It's hard to explain what it is. I'll show you!
There's a sound in a hall and light is changed from time to time. That gives you an opportunity to see on paintings things you weren't able to see before. This is like an entertainment attraction. You see a rock and a sea. Then suddenly the Madonna with Child appears on the same painting. Pale abstraction turns into a lush exotic vegetation. It's impossible to guess the "second face" of the picture, it is always a total surprise for you.
Here's a light installation.
Everyone knows the "Black Square" by Malevich. This is suprematism. This picture is even cooler. This is just a white canvas in a frame. However, it's not so simple.
The canvas looks absolutely different under ultra-violet rays.
This painting with flowers is already good. However, when you change the light...
10theater-of-luminous-paintings-in-jurmala.jpg can see the birds.
This is Spain. A windmill. A hot day.
Now it's a starry night and a bull's shadow.
Vitaly Ermolaev is an artist, architect and designer. He is an author of an innovative technology, he has a patent. In 2004, he built a house upon his own project and opened the art gallery in it. Now it's a Jurmala's tourist site and attraction. You can come just to look at it. An entrance ticket costs 3 Euros, it's open from 11 am to 17 pm. Address: Jurmala, Majori, Omnibusa iela 19. There are also INNER LIGHT courses. It is so interesting.
Here's a ceiling of a lobby.
This is the house from the first picture. Do you have any ideas on changes on the picture?
Author: Neferjournal
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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