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Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • November 18th, 2016
The weather was cloudy that day. We went to 

Thingvellir National Park

1thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgThe park is located near 

Thingvallavatn lake

, the biggest lake in Iceland.
2thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgThe roads are good and empty.
3thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg4thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgNote that each fir-tree is shielded from the wind.
5thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgWe made a stopover on the observation deck with a view of Thingvallavatn lake.
6thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg7thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgIn Iceland, in all tourist sights, there are tables with benches (as a single unit). One should take food and a thermos of tea.
8thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg9thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgIt was cold, +8C.
10thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgWe arrived in Thingvellir National Park.
The parking is about 4.5 USD (as of 2016). It must be paid by card in a slot machine.
11thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgSorry for such a detailed information...but WC services are also must be paid by card (about 1.75 USD as of 2016). We were laughing a lot when we saw a notice that there was a group ticket that could be purchased in the Visit Center.
12thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgWe went to the park.
13thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgThis is a miniature of the park. We were in the center nearby the lake.
14thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgHere are the views from the first observation deck.
15thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg16thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg17thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgThen we went downhill, where there were plenty of people.
18thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg19thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg20thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgThis is an earthquake zone. It has been found that in this place the North American and Eurasian plates are neighboring.
21thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg22thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg23thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgWe got to another observation deck.
24thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg25thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgIf you go downhill, you can reach the parking.
26thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg27thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg28thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgWe went downhill.
29thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgLooking back...
30thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg31thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg32thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgWe came from there. This is a bridge over

Oxara river

33thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgIf you do not go downhill, but go further, you'll reach Oxararfoss waterfall.
34thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgThere's Oxararfoss waterfall.
35thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgThe waterfall is 20 meters high.
36thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgTourists throw coins in the river.
37thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpgWe went further to Kerid lake in the volcano's crater.
38thingvellir-national-park-iceland.jpg Author: Capi4ca
Translated by:

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