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Tiberias, Israel. P2

Nefer • 4 minutes read • September 26th, 2016
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is considered to be a resort town. Most of the attractions, hotels, restaurants and cafes are concentrated in the Old Town near the coast, where we went.
1tiberias-israel-p2.jpg2tiberias-israel-p2.jpg3tiberias-israel-p2.jpg4tiberias-israel-p2.jpg5tiberias-israel-p2.jpg6tiberias-israel-p2.jpg7tiberias-israel-p2.jpgFinally, we reached the lake. There was a promenade with shops and cafes above the pebble beach.
8tiberias-israel-p2.jpg10tiberias-israel-p2.jpg11tiberias-israel-p2.jpg12tiberias-israel-p2.jpg13tiberias-israel-p2.jpgHere’s St. Peter's Church of the Franciscan Order, it is the church of the Holy Land. It was built on the foundation of the temple of the Crusader era. Later it was rebuilt and restored. There’s a large statue of the Apostle in the courtyard. This is a replica of the statue in Rome's St. Peter church. There’s also a statue of the Virgin Mary, which was placed in gratitude to the soldiers of the Polish Army during the Second World War.
14tiberias-israel-p2.jpg15tiberias-israel-p2.jpg16tiberias-israel-p2.jpgBut we didn’t go there, as all the gates were closed.
17tiberias-israel-p2.jpgWe continued walking further.  
18tiberias-israel-p2.jpgThis is the St. Andrew's Church.
19tiberias-israel-p2.jpg20tiberias-israel-p2.jpg21tiberias-israel-p2.jpg22tiberias-israel-p2.jpgJudging by the minaret, this is a mosque. I guess this is the Al-Amari Mosque, which I heard about before. 
23tiberias-israel-p2.jpgThe mosque was built during the times of Bedouin Sheikh Zahir al-Omar, who had revolted against the Turks. He was loyal to the Jews and urged them to settle in 


, in the middle of the 18th century. Now the mosque is not used.
24tiberias-israel-p2.jpg25tiberias-israel-p2.jpgAt the end of the promenade, a symbolic sign with an electronic watermark of the Sea of Galilee was installed.
26tiberias-israel-p2.jpg27tiberias-israel-p2.jpg28tiberias-israel-p2.jpg29tiberias-israel-p2.jpgThis is the Pilgrim's House of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission, aka El Yakud.
30tiberias-israel-p2.jpgNearby, we saw the Greek Orthodox monastery in honor of the Twelve Apostles.
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Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
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