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Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia - At The World's End. P.2.

Uritsk Andrey • 6 minutes read • May 13th, 2016
From the foot of the chairlift to the Martial Glacier to the center of


there are about 7-8 kilometers. We decided to walk back on foot admiring majestic and almost harsh landscapes of Tierra del Fuego.
The road descends from the mountains, intricately meandering like a serpentine. From some points you can admire beautiful views of the city and the sea.
And here are the outskirts of


. Such a tiny low-rise Argentine town. Something like similar villages of Norway or Iceland on the shores of the northern fjords.
As in all northern (and far southern) settlements, you can meet large and good-natured dogs on the streets here.
The Russians also were here:
This is the central street of Ushuaia - there are a lot of shops and cafes. Ushuaia is located near the border with Chile - it's a free zone.
It's getting dark. It's nice to walk along the waterfront, enjoy the evening city, snow-capped mountains, illuminated by soft light, inhale the scent of the sea, listen to the cries of gulls, think about this and that...
Here is the old one, the new one and the eternal one...
Here are rocks, houses, and lupines in the yard.
On the opposite side of the creek, from the flying club, we admired a very beautiful panorama of the evening Ushuaia on the background of the mountains and sea. It's so nice to stroll there on a quiet silent night. Simply fascinating!
It is not our cruise ship. And our "Akademik Ioffe" returns from the previous cruise tomorrow early in the morning.
Here are remains of the former power.
Not far from here there is the old airfield, which was the main air gateway of Ushuaia for many years until a new modern airport was built nearby. And we arrived this morning there from Buenos Aires on the A-330. The local flying club is based now in the old airport, and on the meadow in front of its gate, there is a monument to the old faithful "Douglas".
Suddenly a young man came to me, said hello and offered to look at aircraft in the parking shelter. The guy appeared to be a pilot of the flying club and offered to make a half-hour flight above the neighborhoods. I love to fly not only on "Boeing", but also on other cool aircraft, and in such situations, it is not necessary to persuade me twice. 

We will make a flight over the Beagle Channel on this single-engine Piper-PA-38-112.
Short run - and let's go!
A couple of minutes - and huts of Ushuaia scattered along the beach became absolutely toylike. Snowy caps of the mountains look absolutely majestically against the backdrop of the evening sky, and far below there is the blue sea. The wind absolutely failed by the evening - our airplane is flying smoothly and evenly, there are no airholes, no invisible bumps in the perfectly calm air.
A little further behind Ushuaia the territory of the

Tierra del Fuego National Park

 begins, it includes a large territory both on land and at sea.
We fly to the west over the Beagle Channel, which straight ahead is crossed by the border of Argentina and Chile. Visually, the border runs across the strait on a small island, which is visible on the left side of the frame. We will not fly In Chile. So we turn and head back.
We fly over the mountains, over archipelagos of islands...
And on the horizon behind islands, you can see the expanse of the open ocean.
On a tiny island in the middle of the Beagle Channel, there is the lighthouse, which is a local landmark. Tomorrow, when we'll go on a cruise, we'll come to it closer. And now - we make another turn and return to Ushuaia.
We land on the runway of the old airfield. The new runway, on which the modern "Boeing" land, is located about two kilometers away. It's interesting to know that there is only one control tower - both for the old and new airports - by the way, just now the girl of our pilot is on duty in the tower.
The pilot was a pleasant and very simple guy, dreaming about the sky and about the time when he sits at the wheel of huge "Boeing" and "Airbus", but not of light "Piper". I thanked him for the flight and said that this time would surely come.

And the day was coming to the ended - and lonely cormorant was meditating on the banks of the smooth bay looking like a mirror.
The sun set behind the tops of the mountains a long time ago. It was getting dark...
Tomorrow "Akademik Ioffe" will come in the port of Ushuaia, we will leave Tierra del Fuego and start our way to Antarctica.
Author: Uritsk
Source: uritsk.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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