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Time Machine Of The Pergamon Museum In Berlin

lavagra • 4 minutes read • January 15th, 2017
1time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgSome people consider visiting museums to be dull.
Although, modern museums can be a very dynamic activity. A huge breakthrough in information and computer technologies has made many of the modern museums very attractive for visitors of all ages.

Pergamon Museum



was one of the latest big-name institutions that I visited. Even being partially reconstructed, and without a main exhibit, the Pergamon Altar managed to amaze me, and my younger daughter.
The Pergamon Museum is in the so-called

Museum Island complex,

in Berlin. This northern part of Shpreeinzel island is entirely included on the World Heritage list by UNESCO. Crowds of tourists, who wander there, stay stuck in this part of Berlin for a long time.
3time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg4time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgAlmost every exhibit item is worthy of a separate story. This museum was originally dedicated to its main exhibit – the Pergamon Altar, which is a unique finding of German archaeologists in Asia Minor. This one-of-a-kind work of art was built 200 years before the birth of Jesus Christ by the ancient Greeks in honor of the victory over the Huns and the god Zeus.
5time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgA huge building with columns, stairs, and incomparable bas-reliefs were intended to be an open-air worship site. Once, some ancient historians considered it to be one of the wonders of the world. The altar is even mentioned in the New Testament as "Satan's throne".
In due time, Arabs heavily destroyed this building, and then a major earthquake finally buried it under ground. German engineer Karl Hooman rediscovered the ruins of Pergamon in 1873. With the consent of the Ottoman authorities, most of the altar was taken to Germany, where a new museum was built for it.
6time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg7time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgAnyway, there was an amazing collection. At the entrance to the museum, we were right in the middle of a partially recreated Processional Way, which once led to the entrance of the ancient city of Babylon.
8time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgThe legendary gate of the goddess Ishtar, dating back to the 6th century BC, was one of the eight major passages into the ancient city. 
9time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg10time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg11time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg12time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg13time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg14time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg15time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg16time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgGerman archaeologists managed to reproduce the Market Gate, from the once mighty city of Miletus.
17time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgAncient Roman mosaics were found in Miletus.
18time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgThis town has existed for hundreds of years and disappeared in the darkness of history.
19time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgThere were quite a lot of smaller exhibits in the Pergamon Museum, but each of them was unique and majestic.
20time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgOn the second floor, there was a section on Islamic art. Among the crafty silver and clay utensils, we also found great wooden domes from the Spanish Alhambra.
21time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg22time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg23time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg24time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgThe collection of Persian carpets, in the Pergamon Museum, were particularly affected, being partially burnt after the bombings and street battles.
25time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg26time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpg27time-machine-of-the-pergamon-museum-in-berlin.jpgWe spent three hours in the museum and we were impressed with it...
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