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Tokyo - Yokohama

Barmoska • 4 minutes read • April 14th, 2016
There are still a few pictures from this trip, I'll show them in this review...
First, a little bit of



A kind of Hawaiian beach with white sand and the pool was built for children:

Such a wretched social housing can be found in the very center:

The wind drove a bunch of jellyfish in the bay from the sea:

And now some photos of the hotel in


, where I stayed... Do not think I advertise it!
In fact, this is the best hotel in Japan of all that I've been in. Four Seasons!

This is the elevator hall on my floor:

And this is the room... very spacious:

Here is the bathroom:

Here is the TV - I watched the Olympics from the shower:

L'occitane, all those things.....

Here is the working area:

Besides the bathrobe there were such kimono pajamas for sleep:

Here is the stereo system with the ability of connection of your MP3-player or iPhone. Very comfortably!

And the view from the window:

I had to eat different things... Here's a meal for example - smoothie and sandwich...

And here are "Hawaiian" pancakes in the popular Eggs'n'Things cafe. I stood 50 minutes in line to get there!

Sushi of course are very.... delicious!

I bought pies for the way back in the train:

All those three days I felt like this Rilakkuma - I wanted to sit with my arms around something cold and feet in cold water!

Here are cars models in the shop's windows:

While I was standing and waiting for my Shinkansen....

Two planes in the background of the moon were chasing each other:

And here is my train:

Finally, a sunset photo taken from the Shinkansen window at 200 km per hour speed:
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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