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Tongatapu In Tonga

mff • 4 minutes read • February 19th, 2017
This review is about the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga.
1tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgTourists visit Tonga to see Trilithon: mandala in the form of a mini-Stonehenge of three blocks:
2tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgEverything apart from that attraction looks insane...)
3tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg4tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgTonga has never been colonized, so the locals still wear the festive national dress ta'ovala in the form of mats of pandanus or hibiscus. Ta'ovala is put over the usual Polynesian skirt tupenu (which in Polynesia clothing for both men and women)

Ta'ovala is very formal clothes, much like our male costume pants: managers wear it to work, and ordinary people wear it to church on Sundays.
5tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgAn adult male wears taovalu necessarily with a jacket. Here's a bell tower and gathering of parishioners at Sunday service:
6tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgThe locals also use the fans of dual-use - to hide oneself from the sun like an umbrella or just to fan oneself.
7tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgTeenagers are wearing T-shirts instead of a jacket.
8tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgThis is the capital - Nukuʻalofa.
9tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg10tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg11tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg12tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg13tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgIn the city center, there were people playing bingo in a club made of the sticks, ropes and plastic film.
14tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgThese are the shelves of a confectionery:
15tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgThis is the central market:
16tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg17tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgCrosstown traffic:
18tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg19tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg20tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg22tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg23tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgConsidering that there are no other stores, except the Chinese in Tonga, all the shops look like stalls, picked with lattices.
24tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg25tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgLet us explore the main island of Tonga outside Nukuʻalofa. This is Tongatapu.
26tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgTonga in Polynesian means south, and tapu - tabu, i.e. holy.
27tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg28tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgSaturday flea market occurs suddenly along all main roads:
29tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg30tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg31tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg32tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg33tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg34tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgTongatapu is the only Polynesian island where almost all private property is fenced.
35tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgWhite and red flags (colors of the flag) are hung on every fifth fence in honor of the king on the day of a national holiday or any match.
36tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg37tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgThe pre-European cemeteries on Tongatapu look like ziggurats:
38tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgHere's a decoration of a tomb.
39tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgMormon churches and Mormon missionaries look exactly the same all over the world:
40tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgTonga is bright and colorful.
41tongatapu-in-tonga.jpgWelcome to Polynesia!
42tongatapu-in-tonga.jpg Author: mff
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