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Top-10 Beaches Of Normandy, France

lavagra • 4 minutes read • January 15th, 2017
Normandy is a land of glorious beaches and stunning seascapes. Many tourists, having seen colorful pictures on the Internet, come here hoping for an unforgettable beach holiday. There are more than enough beaches in this region of France, but it is worth remembering that you are unlikely to successfully swim in the sea. There are many reasons why. Each of the next incomparable beaches has its own reason...
Bad weather is one of the principal reasons. It can pour all the day there.

Alabaster Coast

(The Cote d'Albatre) impressed us a lot. But we didn’t get into a 'beach' mood there. We preferred meditating on the beach, staring at the beautiful, but harsh landscapes...
3top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpgAlthough one can rent a house for swimming and resting in almost every town, the presence of pebbles on the beach is a serious reason not to go in the water without special footwear...
4top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpgThe coast near Etretat town has beautiful views. Although, there's no way to enjoy a nice day at the beach, as such. The wind blows off any desire to swim and sunbathe...
5top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpgThe southern, rocky coast has been increasingly replaced by pleasant, fine sand. But you cannot relax on this beach . . .  
6top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpgThere are several reasons. One of them - the tides.
7top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpg8top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpgFrenchmen prefer building their towns, not where they can swim and sunbathe, but where they can get dinner . . . fresh sea creatures can be caught during low tide.  
9top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpgHere you can always see a lot of tourists and almost never beach vacationers. Do you know why? This is Omaha Beach, where the American troops landed. 70 years ago, there were bloody streams flowing. People dropped like flies. Is there still a desire to swim?
10top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpgHaving traveled almost around the entire coast of Normandy, we had almost forgotten about our desire to swim and to look for local lighthouses.
11top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpgThese structures almost always have a surprising magnetism. In addition, there you are guaranteed to find beautiful panoramas and, sometimes, even an entire photo gallery in the open air.
12top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpgAnd then - oh la la! I saw a great white beach in the town of Cap-de-Carteret. There was a tide but no battles! The sun was shining bright and there was free parking nearby. All the parts of the puzzle came together and gave us a few relaxing hours by the sea, bathing in the sea . . . a Norman solar bath.
13top-10-beaches-of-normandy.jpgAnyway, Normandy is the perfect place for any type of holiday, including a beach one!
Author: Lavagra
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