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Top-10 landmarks in Houston, Texas by CruiseBe

5 minutes read • February 1st, 2018
Space City, The Big Heart, City of Syrup – beautiful Houston situated in Texas has so many nicknames! Each of them hides some special story characterizing the essence of the city. You can find so many exciting

landmarks in Houston

. You can admire mighty buildings of its Downtown, plunge into history and culture while walking down The Houston Museum District, and find yourself in the realm of art in The Houston Theater District.
Let’s take a walk through the TOP-10 attractions in Houston!

1. Children’s Museum of Houston
Children’s Museum of Houston

Here’s why young travelers love this city so much! The Children’s Museum of Houston is an ideal place to explore our world and have fun with your family. Kidtropolis, FlowWorks, Cyberchase, Invention Convention – you’ve never experienced such an amazing science!

2. Houston Zoo
Houston Zoo

The best way to feel like a part of wild nature is to visit this well-kept friendly zoological garden. It’s a great journey alongside elephants, gorillas, iguanas, octopuses, and many other animals. How about feeding a giraffe?

3. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Numerous exhibitions, more than 60 thousand pieces of art from all over the world, exciting events – all of it is waiting for you here. And all of it will help you merge with the beautiful and eternal art.   

4. Downtown Aquarium
Downtown Aquarium Houston
Downtown Aquarium, Houston by Another Believer/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

Are you ready for underwater adventures with bright creatures, breathtaking stories, and indescribable emotions? You’ll definitely find a lot of new friends here! Besides, there’s one of the most popular restaurants throughout the city. So it’s a perfect location for all members of your traveling family!

5. Cockrell Butterfly Center
Cockrell Butterfly Center Houston
Cockrell Butterfly Center Houston by Michael Coppens/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

It is a real butterfly and insect zoo! Here you can meet myriads of butterflies, fish, snakes, and other creatures and find out impressive facts about them. Fantastic, spellbinding, colorful – it’s the description of this three-storied universe of tropical life.

6. Alley Theatre
Alley Theatre Houston

Alley Theatre, Houston by Rick Kimpel/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Why should you visit this theatre? Because it means spectacular shows, an intimate atmosphere, a stylish building, and even a… ghost! Come here and see for yourself!

7. The Galleria
The Galleria Houston

It is a large shopping mall with a great number of stores, restaurants, and attractions. It’s so easy to lose hold on reality and a sense of time here. Keep your head – mind-blowing shopping begins right now!

8. Houston Theater District
Houston Theater District

​Theatres, halls, restaurants, parks, cinemas, and all that jazz – everyone will find attractions and activities to his liking here. The Houston Theater District is a center of entertainment and amusement.

9. Downtown Houston
Downtown Houston

It is the point where Houston originated many years ago. It can be deservedly considered the city’s heart and soul. Take a walk down its streets, enjoy its views, breath in its air – and you’ll fall in love with Houston!

10. Holocaust Museum Houston
Holocaust Museum Houston

Holocaust Museum Houston by Jacob.jose/Wiki/CC BY 3.0

Yes, it is our history, sad history… And everyone should know it to commemorate all victims and to avoid such crime against humanity in the future. The Holocaust Museum Houston with its artifacts, photos, and documents is a remarkable place that makes people wonder.
Houston is very cozy. Houston is very gentle. Houston is unforgettable.
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Best Houston attractions map:

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