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Top-10 landmarks in Tampa, FL by CruiseBe

6 minutes read • January 25th, 2018
Tampa, Florida is a lovely American city situated on Tampa Bay. It’s popular among travelers because of the numerous

tourist attractions in Tampa

, pleasant atmosphere, and, of course, because of its port. Cruise ships of the leading cruise companies, such as Royal Caribbean International, Carnival, Holland America Line and others, start their incredible voyages here – in this beautiful city full of opportunities. We offer you to check the list of the Top-10 landmarks in Tampa, FL by CruiseBe to have a great time before your cruise or after it!

1. Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Sunshine Skyway Bridge Tampa

Take a ride across the bridge, fish for a while at its edge or just sit on the shore admiring this amazing scenery! Do you know what moment is the most exciting? When a cruise ship is sailing under the bridge while you are crossing it! The feeling is like you can touch her…

2. Tampa Theatre
Tampa Theatre
Tampa Theatre by Barbthebuilder/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

Catch your breath and get ready because we are going to step back in time! The Tampa Theatre and Office Building is a significant historic structure beloved by citizens and guests of Tampa. It has operated since 1926, and it is a real soul of the city!

3. Big Cat Rescue
Big Cat Rescue Tampa
Real place may differ in appearance. This picture is a representative sample.

Your visit to this sanctuary will be not just an interesting tour and acquaintance with the wild cats but also a great contribution to a good cause. People working here love their business. You’ll also love Big Cat Rescue and its inhabitants with all your heart!

4. Bayshore Boulevard
Bayshore Boulevard Tampa

It is the world’s longest sidewalk (more than 4 miles long) and definitely one of the most beautiful. It’s so nice to walk by the bay thinking about your cruise. Bayshore Boulevard is beautiful both at night and in the daytime.

5. Florida Aquarium
 Florida Aquarium Tampa
Real place may differ in appearance. This picture is a representative sample.

Penguins, sharks, stingrays, and many other cute inhabitants of the underwater world wait for you in the Florida Aquarium. Besides, it houses a huge number of water plants from around the world. Your children will fall in love with this place.

6. Lowry Park Zoo
Lowry Park Zoo Tampa

This amazing zoo is deservedly considered one of the best throughout the USA. There’s no desire to hurry anywhere and to return to the world of the grown-ups while you are here. You just want to watch the lovely animals living their happy life in Lowry Park Zoo.

7. Tampa Riverwalk
Tampa Riverwalk
Tampa Riverwalk by Barbthebuilder/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

Take a stroll or rent a bicycle, or even run down Tampa Riverwalk stretching along the Hillsborough River. Stop for a while to admire the fantastic city skyline or sit in one of the cozy restaurants. You can even hit the jackpot and watch the magnificent cruise ship departing on the Caribbean & Bermuda or Transatlantic cruise here.

8. Tampa Bay History Center
Tampa Bay History Center

This history museum is a great way to start your acquaintance with the city and to continue it. Three floors of the building offer numerous exhibitions, classrooms, a souvenir shop, and the lovely restaurant. Tampa Bay History Center is definitely worth a visit.

9. Henry B. Plant Museum
Henry B. Plant Museum Tampa
Henry B. Plant Museum, Tampa by Ebyabe/Wiki/CC BY 2.5

Being a former hotel, this beautiful building with the long history houses the amazing museum now. However, it is not the usual exhibition – it is your time machine leading to The Gilded Age.

10. International Plaza and Bay Street
International Plaza and Bay Street Tampa
International Plaza and Bay Street, Tampa by TheCustomOfLife/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

Welcome to the universe of stores, cafes, and restaurants! The mall is ideal for walking, shopping, eating, and watching other people. International Plaza and Bay Street even has a hotel for you to stay in wait for your cruise.
Tampa is the lively city happy to welcome all cruise lovers. Have a nice and eventful trip!

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Best Tampa attractions map:

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