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Top-10 landmarks of Antigua by CruiseBe

6 minutes read • December 28th, 2017


and Barbuda is the Caribbean state including two beautiful inhabited islands. Two islands with hard colonial history and its sad signs one can see even today. Two islands penetrated with exotic fragrances of pristine nature and full of different attractions. Let’s start our journey from the island of Antigua and its capital, the city of St. John’s! And the best way to get acquainted with them is to take a virtual tour through TOP-10 landmarks of Antigua by CruiseBe!

1. Stingray City
stingray city

There’s no place better to feel like a child and have the best fun ever! Here you can swim with stingrays, feed them, take fantastic pictures, and get unforgettable emotions! It is really some special treat and a must see of Antigua!

2. Jolly Harbour
jolly harbour antigua
Aerial view of Jolly Harbour by David Stanley/Wiki/CC BY 2.0

This lovely settlement is a great gateway to luxurious vacations. Mind-blowing views, romantic marina, various shops and restaurants, and a long list of things to do – all of it is waiting for you in Jolly Harbour!

3. Valley Church Beach
valley church beach antigua
Valley Church Beach, Antigua by Roberto Faccenda/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Do you know that Antigua has as much as 365 beaches! Here you can spend the whole year visiting the new beach each day! Amazing Valley Church Beach is an ideal point to start from! It’s just in 20 minutes’ ride from St. John’s, and one can reach it on foot from Jolly Harbour.

4. Shirley Heights
shirley heights antigua

Here you’ll find the best views of the whole island – and of your attractive cruise ship, of course! It is also a significant historical location, so you can explore several landmarks and find out a lot of interesting facts from the Antigua’s history here. Besides, it is a venue for exciting parties popular both among local citizens and travelers.

5. Nelson's Dockyard
nelson's dockyard antigua

It has a lovely small museum, beautiful marina, and numerous historical sights. All of it is connected with Admiral Nelson and his influence on the island’s life. By the way, if you are a lucky man, you’ll get the chance to spectate the world’s famous Antigua Sailing Week here!

6. Galley Bay Beach
galley bay beach antigua

Galley Bay Beach, Antigua by Chris Loxton/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Let’s continue our tour of Antigua’s beaches! This one is just endless! With white sand, crystal clear water, spellbinding scenery, and cozy bars – well, just with everything you need for complete relaxation!

7. English Harbour
english harbour antigua
English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour

It is the state’s most famous bay – both because of its natural beauty and historical importance. English Harbour is the ideal location to plunge into the past of Antigua and Barbuda, to merge with its pristine nature, and to take cool pictures as mementos!

8. Fort James
fort james antigua
Fort James, Antigua by JERRYE & ROY KLOTZ MD/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

You can get there on a horse, on a Segway or on your own – it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you really should visit this place: to see stunning scenery, to take a walk through the sad but essential history of the island, to stand near perfectly preserved cannons, etc.

9. St. John's Cathedral
st. john's cathedral antigua

Located on the hill, this cathedral is an undoubted heart of St. John’s and of entire Antigua. You can easily get there from a cruise pier – it’ll take you about 30 minutes on foot. St. John's Cathedral is beautiful both from outside and from inside and it’s definitely worth a visit!

10. Betty's Hope
betty's hope antigua

It used to be a prospering sugarcane plantation for several generations of island’s people. Today Betty's Hope is a well-kept informative open-air museum giving you the opportunity to travel back through centuries. To see all the mistakes people made in the past. To prevent making them in the future.

Miles of beaches, significant historical monuments, lively settlements – it’s about friendly Antigua! And it opens its arms for everyone!
Have a nice trip!

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Best Antigua attractions map:

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