Top-10 landmarks of Curacao by CruiseBe

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5 mins read


means almost 280 square miles of summer, world-known landmarks and breathtaking adventures. The whole country of lively songs and dances. The whole island of endless relaxation with romantic views and some refreshing Blue Curacao cocktail in your hands. What can be better? Only coming to Willemstad on one of the fantastic cruise ships discovering the Caribbean destination and visiting the Top-10 landmarks of Curacao by CruiseBe.


Queen Emma Bridge

Surprisingly, the number 1 landmark to visit in our list is… the bridge. Nevertheless, don’t doubt that it deserves such honor. It is a drawing pontoon bridge with a long history. It offers bright views of colorful



​2. Kleine Knip

It is a small and quiet beach. With clear calm water, rich marine life and indescribable atmosphere. You will forget about everything in Kleine!

​3. Shete Boka National Park

There’s no nature lover on Earth who can leave this fabulous place without attention. Giant waves dashing against Boka Pistol, Boka Tabla, Boka Wandomi and the others… Fresh sea air and splash of water on your face… Shete Boka National Park is the place, where you can endlessly enjoy the sun, wind, life.

​4. Hato Caves

Here’s the experience that can really rattle your nerves. You’ll find thousands of bats, ancient cave paintings, mighty stalactites and stalagmites there. Are you ready for a challenge?

​5. Grote Knip

This lovely beach is a perfect gateway for snorkeling. Proximity of a coral reef with cute sea inhabitants makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Curacao.

6. Queen Juliana Bridge

This construction with a height of almost 200 feet is a great place to view the wonderful world around you. It is an incredible feeling to see a large cruise ship right under your feet!

​7. Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue

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Lovely building, sand floor, cozy atmosphere Curacao Synagogue has managed to preserve down the ages... This is the oldest Synagogue in both North America and South America. It is a living history.

​8. Otrobanda

The lovely historic district has more than 800 architectural landmarks declared the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nice streets, museums, shops, souvenirs, restaurants – this place is so authentic and charming!

9. Playa Jeremi

Secluded, relaxing, picturesque – this is all about Playa Jeremi and views offered by it. The beach provides great opportunities for snorkeling. Just keep in mind that there are no rental facilities, so you should take everything you need with you!

10. Fort Amsterdam

Here’s an ideal place to get acquainted with the history of the island. As well as to admire mighty architecture of the fort complex of the XVII century.

Do you know why Willemstad (as well as the entire island) is so colorful? Because many years ago, one Curacao Governor decided that light houses hurt his eyes in sunlight. He ordered to change colors into the bright ones. Such a funny whim has turned this place into lively alluring cruise port of call. Come and see it for yourself!

Best Curacao attractions map:

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