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Top-10 Landmarks of Juneau, Alaska by CruiseBe

5 minutes read • June 8th, 2017


is the capital and the very heart of Alaska. It has a long and eventful story and lots of

tourist attractions

for nature, history, and active lifestyle lovers. The port of Juneau is extremely popular among the travelers exploring The Last Frontier. It’s not a surprise! You can check this list of the TOP-10 landmarks of Juneau, Alaska by CruiseBe to see if that’s true!


Tracy Arm


Probably, it’s one of the world’s most beautiful fjords! Fantastic scenery, wild animals including bears, wolves, seals, etc., mighty twin glaciers – you’ll fall in love with this place at first glance!

2. Nugget Falls
Photo by: Roy Luck/flickr/CC BY 2.0

You can easily get close (well, very close) to this amazing waterfall! You can even stand under it! However, you shouldn’t because the water is ice! There’s a convenient and picturesque trail leading to Nugget Falls from the Mendenhall Glacier visitor's center!

3. Mendenhall Glacier

As for Mendenhall Glacier! It’s located just 12 miles from downtown Juneau, and it’s a must do in the city! The glacier’s visitor’s center is open all year round and offers exciting educational programs for tourists of all ages.

4. Shrine of St. Therese
Photo by: Xa'at/flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s a lovely and peaceful chapel surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Shrine of St. Therese overlooks the Lynn Canal and offers breathtaking views of the surroundings. It’s a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle. You can even see the whales from there. If you are lucky, of course!

5. Mount Roberts Tramway
Photo by: Mfwills/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

This aerial tramway has operated since 1996. It’ll take you to the height of almost 1800 feet right from the cruise ships dock! What’s there at the tramway’s top? A restaurant, a theater, lots of souvenir shops, hiking trails, and mind-blowing Alaskan views, of course!

6. Alaska State Museum
Photo by: Dcornwall/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0

It’s a great cozy museum with interesting exhibits, which are ready to take you on a walk through the history of this beautiful state. One can find lots of information and artifacts there, as well as an excellent eatery! ;)

7. Eaglecrest Ski Area
Photo by: BlindGoofy/Wiki/CC BY 3.0

This public ski area is popular both among the visitors and citizens of Juneau. Fantastic snow, delicious food, scenic trails, and lots of things to do for every taste – this place is deservedly considered one of the best attractions throughout Alaska.

8. St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
Photo by: Wknight94/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

The church is small but so cozy and friendly! You should stop here! At least for 10 minutes! The St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church visit is like a breath of fresh air.

9. Juneau Raptor Center

It is a rehabilitation center, where you can see brave eagles, owls, ravens, hummingbirds and help them by donating the money. Juneau Raptor Center is a perfect example of people’s kindness and concern for our planet and its inhabitants.

10. Juneau-Douglas City Museum
Photo by: Bernt Rostad/Wiki/CC BY 2.0

It’s a small but very nice and informative museum telling the history of Juneau and Douglas, as well as of gold mining, skiing, fishing, and other region’s facets. It’s a great experience for adults and kids!
BTW, did you know that Juneau is the second largest city in the USA by the area? You’ll definitely find what to do there!

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Best Juneau attractions map:

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