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Top-10 things to do in Martinique by CruiseBe

5 minutes read • February 12th, 2018
Welcome to Martinique – a lovely piece of France in the Caribbean Sea! It is a beautiful green island encircled by fantastic beaches. It is a gateway into ideal shopping, relaxation, eco-tours, and extreme activities. There are so many exciting

things to do in Martinique

, and it is no wonder that local inhabitants call the capital of the island Little Paris. Fort de France with its cozy streets, romantic architecture, parks, churches, fountains, and other fantastic attractions has some unique atmosphere. Are you ready to plunge into it?

1. Jardin de Balata
Jardin de Balata Martinique

This diversity of palm trees, orchids, begonias, and other tropical flowers just can’t leave anyone indifferent! Together with rope bridges, it makes Jardin de Balata an excellent place for all members of your family. Besides, you can watch cute hummingbirds here.

2. Fort Saint Louis
Fort Saint Louis Martinique
Fort Saint Louis, Martinique by Prayitno/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

It’s your chance to take an insightful tour of Martinique’s history and to admire spellbinding views of the surroundings. Part of Fort Saint Louis is an operating naval base – so it’s closed for visitors. Nevertheless, it adds some intrigue, doesn’t it?!

3. Sainte-Marie
Sainte-Marie Martinique

If you can’t miss acquaintance with the island’s rum industry, you should visit this charming town. Why? Because Sainte-Marie is deservedly considered the rum capital of the island! Besides, it offers other amazing things to do in Martinique.

4. Mount Pelée
Mount Pelée Martinique

It is a severe volcano that caused a lot of disasters and pain on the island. However, it attracts tourists with its challenging trails, thick rainforest, breathtaking scenery, and with the opportunity to find yourself above the clouds. Just don’t try to explore Mount Pelée during the rainy season – it’s too dangerous!

5. Le Diamant
Le Diamant Martinique
Le Diamant, Martinique by phgaillard2001/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Have you ever heard about Diamond Rock? Well, we will tell you about it later. And now – welcome to the resort town of Le Diamant, where you can look at one of the most exciting landmarks in Martinique and find out fascinating stories connected with it!

6. Macouba
Macouba Martinique
Distillery of Fonds-Préville, Macouba, Martinique by Jmp48/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

This welcoming village is famous for its Distillerie JM. You can walk through this realm, watch the production process, enjoy the dizzying scents (literally and figuratively) – and, of course, taste the strong beverage.

7. St. Louis Cathedral
St. Louis Cathedral Fort de France Martinique
St. Louis Cathedral, Fort de France, Martinique by Pierre PONCHEL/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

You will fall in love with this church because it’s so mighty, significant – and so heartwarming at the same time. Just look at stained glass windows of St. Louis Cathedral. It’s really impossible to leave this place!

8. Carbet Mountains
Carbet Mountains Martinique
Carbet Mountains, Martinique by Rsddrs/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

It is the mountain range with numerous trails, diverse flora and fauna, and, of course, with the mind-blowing landscape. However, this adventure is just for the brave, strong, and experienced ones! You should get ready!

9. Les Trois-Îlets
Les Trois-Îlets, Martinique by ABC DEF

Let’s visit a unique settlement of Martinique. Les Trois-Îlets is not just a pleasant town – it’s the birthplace of the beautiful lady that had significantly affected the course of history. We’re talking about Joséphine – the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. Our trip will be very interesting.

10. Diamond Rock
Diamond Rock Martinique

Although it is just a tiny island, it has played a significant role in the history. Not only of the island but of the whole world! You should definitely take a boat tour to Diamond Rock to find out all the information about that! Besides, the island really shines like a diamond at a certain time of the day.
Martinique things to do will amaze all cruise lovers. The island has something special for everyone and just for you! Have a nice trip!
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Map of Martinique things to do:

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