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Top-15 List Of Must Do In Nice And Environs

Sapovich Ekaterina • 5 minutes read • November 12th, 2016
1top-15-list-of-must-do-in-nice-and-environs.jpgHaving a certain experience of the stay on the Côte d'Azur, I want to share a list of things that you certainly must do, when you come there.
1. Drink a bottle of Chateau de Berne rose in "Villa Deste" restaurant and the pasta with lobster. Or you can choose Bandol reserve 2013 (it cost 17 euro as of 2015).
2. Buy Ice Tropez. It's a cocktail, which contains wine, juice, and cocaine I suppose (i'm joking), because it is fantastically delicious and it makes your mood better.
3. Eat oysters (take chanticleers No.2, you will like it best).
4. Eat mussels. Take the most common ones (Provence recipe -  herbs, white wine and a bit of garlic), if you are already a foodie - eat it with cream or with Dijon mustard. Earlier, there was a restaurant where the mussels were served "avalyante" - you eat as much as you can. If you find one - go there urgently!
5. Eat tart "trappisen". It's very simple, but it is incredibly delicious! Especially, I recommend trying it in the J.Multari confectionery. This is a long-standing network of confectionery in


, where everything is always fresh, tasty, and most importantly - authentic.
6. Go to


. Sail to the Lerins Islands, take a walk on the Castle Hill, dine at the restaurant Le Saint Antoine. Stay overnight. Start missing Nice, and come back there. ;)
7. Of course, take a walk on the Castle Hill in Nice - there's one of the best views in the world. And before ascending the mountain, you can eat in the Asian snack bar on the promenade. Would you mind a couple of scallops for 2 euro (as of 2015)?
8. Visit the Old Town, eat sokka (pea cakes), ice cream and drink a glass of wine at one of the squares between the old streets. You should definitely visit a flea market at the end of the week. What if you find vintage stuff of Dior for 50 euro! The bad news - Villa Massena and the Palais Lascaris is no longer free. You can get an integrated pass for 20 euro. (as of 2015).
9. Go to


. Walk around the exotic garden, zoo, visit the Oceanographic Museum (and be sure to get on its roof), the garage of the Prince of Monaco (it will impress you for sure), dine in Cosmopolitan and play in the casino. But poker only. Otherwise, the casino wins.
10. Go to Grasse. Firstly - there's Molinar, Fragonard and the other fathers of the world's art of perfumery, and secondly, there's the very Grasse commune famous by the novel Perfume by Patrick Suskind.
11. Go to Eze. It's just like a medieval fairy tale. You can visit the Rothschild villa optionally.
12. Drink some "bière à Monaco" - Monaco beer for girls, it is with grenadine syrup. I have not met a girl who would not like it.
13. Have a swim, finally!
14. If visit Negresco, visit the bar Le Relais. The democratically-lovers will love it.
15. Meet the sunset at the lighthouse. There are few tourists, and it is very nice there even in the daytime.
Author:  Sapovich Ekaterina
Translated by: Zoozi

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