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Tour of Coral Princess

Dmytro Cherkasov • 5 minutes read • January 5th, 2017
I'd like to show you a ship of the "

Princess Cruises

" cruise company. Her name is "

Coral Princess

I didn't want to walk and take pictures of interiors with lots of people. However, once there happened a weather deterioration and it became colder. People were mostly resting in their cabins, and I decided to take a walk through the ship and shoot some pictures. Fortunately I'm not afraid of rocking.
This place is usually full of people. Well, it's pretty hard to find a vacant sunbed. This is quite a popular tourist place on the ship.
This is a view of the central swimming pool. Frankly speaking, this view is pretty strange. Rocking was quite heavy, so there were just several people wishing to relax by the water.
There are two Jacuzzis on the left and on the right. I took this picture in

Los Angeles

. People went ashore and it turned cold. And the rain began.
Surprisingly, I have never been in the pools during my cruises. Curiously enough, I absolutely don't want to splash there. In addition, there are too many people - and there's no opportunity to swim.
Calm down! No one is going to catch fish here. When the sea runs high, the staff puts nets on the pool for passengers no to get there accidentally. You can see a boat in the foreground. Someone made the boat of plastic bottles and used a brand bag of "Princess Cruises" as a sail.
We could even have breakfast and dinner in this gallery. Restaurant with a buffet called "Lido" is situated a bit further on a deck. You can take a plate and get into the fresh air. However, we almost didn't want to do that as it was very hot.
This is one of the bars. Well, it's impossible without them on the cruise! Especially when it's rocking. They cooked pizza downstairs and burgers upstairs. Such junk food all day long. 
Here is a view from the upper café. This screen was showing movies in the evenings. It was called "Movies Under The Stars". As is right and proper, guests were given the popcorn and blankets to watch directly on the sunbeds.
This is an observation gallery closer to the bow of the ship.
Here's another pool on the top deck. The smallest one. Just to splash in it. The third one was covered. There are always many people.

Because of the end of the cruise, there were flags hung out throughout the ship.
This is the bow. I took most pictures of the Panama Canal from here. Many people went away after first locks. I was able to take a chair and shoot over protective panels. Till a ship's security asked me to come down. :-) One can get closer to the bow on the lower decks, but passengers were not allowed to go there.
Here we are in the port of Los Angeles. This is a view of the Vincent Thomas Bridge. You can see strange upper works on the right near funnels. They look like giant aircraft's engines.
The ship was preparing for the next cruise. All the vacationers were going to come ashore. It was the first flight of our ship after repairs in dry dock. Therefore, she was waiting for the great cruise company's inspection upon coming in Los Angeles.
This is a central atrium. Italian design is in all its glory. With the gold and wealth in everything. :-)
Here's one of the concert halls. By the way, entertainment on the ship was pretty good. I liked everything we visited.
Here are passages between decks. There was a painting on the wall of each stairwell.
This place near the entrance of the restaurant was pretty popular a couple of times. Here we could see the most recent data on the weather, when we were crossing choppy areas of the Pacific Ocean. I must say that it was never rocking in the Atlantic.
Author: Dmytro Cherkasov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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