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Tour of Riga

wwworld • 3 minutes read • November 7th, 2016
Here's my first impression of


: this is the European city and everybody speaks Russian;). I started my tour from the city center.
I got a free map of the city center, so I had the opportunity to walk along the streets not blindly. At first I came to the

Dome Cathedral

...passing picturesque streets.
I got to the waterfront of the River Daugava after several hundred meters.
Though Riga is a sea port, there are several kilometers to the sea. Ferries sailing to Scandinavia swim several kilometers along the River Daugava at first, and then enter the Baltic Sea.
After turning off the waterfront, I quickly came to the square with some strange gray building, and with a spire of

St. Peter's Church

I came closer and read information on the gray building - this is The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia 1939-1991.
Unfortunately, the museum was already closed (it is open until 5 pm on Sundays), and I was ready to miss dinner and visit it.
There was a large Christmas tree next to the museum. It turned out that it was set in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Christmas tree.
You can find the so-called "House of the Blackheads" built in the 14th century just behind the Museum of the Occupation.
And here are small streets, street restaurants, live music again...
Finally, here's the building of the National Opera in Riga.
This is the end of my short tour of the Riga center.
Author: wwworld
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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