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Tour Of Sydney Harbor. P.1

Uritsk Andrey • 6 minutes read • October 25th, 2016
My first acquaintance with Australia that lived in my mind's eye happened in the getting down plane. If you look through the window, it looks like the entire country is spread before your eyes: the bright blue of the harbor, indented coastline, spectacular outlines of houses. Then you see the graceful design of the

Sydney Bridge

as well as the pearl white covering of the

Opera House

. This is Australia! And it is really as good as it was seen from above.
Let's start our journey from Circular Quay - the harbor and the center of the Sydney's famous promenade. All the ferries and pleasure boats offering tours of the


 harbor depart exactly from here. This is one of the main tourist spots of the city.
Here's the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge (Story About The Sydney Harbour Bridge):
And here are numerous yachts on the water surface:
It's the morning of December 31 - painted aborigines are blowing their tearing vuvuzelas and beating their tamtams with all their might.
And people are actively beginning to put up tents on the waterfront and to occupy in advance seats in front of the Opera House - it's one of the best points to spectate the famous New Year's fireworks:
I would also like to follow their lead, but I forgot to take my tent and primus heater (of course, it's just impossible to travel in the middle of winter without the tent and primus heater!). So I went back to Circular Quay and decided to finish the navigation of 2010 on one of the local ferries.
Sydney's landscape is like a virtual mantra. A common bench next to the Opera House has a magical effect. You can not look up from the majestic waters of the harbor, glittering in the sun, from coming and departing ferries,  from the openwork arch of the bridge, from numerous bungalows on the opposite northern shore. And the best way to experience and to feel Sydney is to sail along its historic harbor. So we should go to Circular Quay and get on the ferry. You can choose any of them, but the legendary Manly Ferry is the best one. So it would be a perfect option to finish the navigation-2010!
From the quay, the ferry heads eastward, it bends round the Opera House and the Botanic Garden, leaves behind luxury suburbs, stretching along the harbor, and sails towards the capes, guarding the entrance to the harbor from the ocean.
Here's the Sydney Opera House:
Here's a view of the bridge from the waters:
Here's Downtown Sydney:
Here's Fort Denison:
Boat trip along the harbor makes everyone fall in love with Sydney at a glance!
Helicopter is chattering above the city while dragging two huge banners calling idea-driven Sydney citizens for something.
And here's more interesting agitation...
It looks like it's a marriage proposal! ;)
All unmarried girls froze on the deck gazing at a small plane, drawing main words of the whole life in the blue sky (and what if that all is for me! :)). Although I was not expecting to see in the Sydney sky the proposal of some brave Australian airwoman, I was also keeping a sharp look for the payoff.
The ferry was sailing along the cliffs bordering the entrance to Sydney harbor from the ocean. We began to feel the rocking...
Meanwhile the airplane continued its work...;)
Behnoosh! Marry me, Behnoosh!!!
After a moment, somewhere in Sydney, Miss Behnoosh said enthusiastic triple «Yes !!!» to her fiance (any other answer is just impossible!), and our ferry moored at the Manly pier. It's a windswept coastal resort suburb on a piece of land sandwiched between the northern shore of the harbor and open ocean.
The water is clean and clear...
Taking a walk along the picturesque resort coast of the harbor on the hot summer day of December - it's just a pleasure! :)
Our ferry called «Freshwater» set its return flight:
Let's continue our journey (Tour Of Sydney Harbor. P.2)!
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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