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Tour of the USA. From Orlando to the Western Caribbean. Freedom of the Seas. Grand Cayman and Cozumel

Gian Luka • 6 minutes read • May 23rd, 2017
Let's continue our journey (Tour of the USA. From Orlando to the Western Caribbean. Jamaica)!

The next morning we came to the Cayman Islands. It was the first island where the ship stayed at the anchorage, and we were carried to the shore by the boats. First of all, Grand Cayman is a beach resort, and there is almost nothing to watch. That's why we refused all the excursions and decided to explore the island on our own. Seven Mile Beach is the most famous beach in the Cayman Islands. This beach is regularly included in the lists of the top beaches of the Caribbean islands. We went there.

We saw a minibus with a friendly driver at the exit from the port. He asked for $2 per person and promised to pick us up to get back to the port. We liked this offer, so we went to Seven Mile Beach. It was not easy to get to the beach because there was no entrance to it. The whole "waterfront" was blocked by hotels and cafes, which take money for the entrance to the beach. We decided not to compare the prices and just went into the first one on our way for 2 dollars per person. The beach is excellent, with the snow-white sand, Caribbean music, beautiful scenery. However, I did not understand why it's constantly on the TOP list. For example, we liked the beach in Haiti more. However, it's our subjective opinion.

Here's our beautiful cruise liner.

View of the ship from the beach.

The beach.

This "Pirates' brigantine" met us near the port. It's amazing that her size is equal to the corsairs' ships that used to scare the Spanish fleet in the 17th century.

Here are more pictures of the cruise liner.

Cozumel, Mexico was the last island we visited during this cruise.

The choice of excursions was wide, and this island is worth returning here again and again. Tours of the Aztec pyramids are great. However, we decided to take a swim, so we chose snorkeling, leaving the Aztecs for the next cruise. We chose a combined tour: first, we went snorkeling, then had beach time and dinner. The trip was eventful, and we liked it. A friendly Mexican met us on the pier and led us to the catamaran.

They gave us the equipment, and we were sailing to the snorkeling locations for 40 minutes.
Here's the neighboring cruise liner.

The place turned out to be full of fish; we saw even a shark and lobster. Then we were swimming for about 40 minutes. Then we went to the beach. Then the fun began. It turned out that the cost of the trip included rum. Well, all people on the catamaran could not resist. As a result: dancing on the bow, fun, and rum.

There was a good buffet on the beach and a lot of entertainment. The beach itself was also excellent.

Even the rainy weather did not spoil our mood. After about an hour on the beach, we went to the port.
In the port, we met the local Mariachi and took a picture with them.

The rain only lifted our spirits.

In the evening we saw a present in our cabin.

We spent the last day at sea, so we enjoyed our life on the ship. You can see several photos of her.

Promenade on the ship. You can see the reception at the bottom. The promenade has several restaurants and shops.

Plans of the ship hang everywhere. It is difficult to get lost.

Here's the ice cream of natural milk, as the sign claims.


Here's the queue for pizza. It is really delicious.

Here are elevators and a view of the upper decks from the promenade.

Waiters' performance in the main restaurant.

We are watching football right in the pool.

We decided to climb the rock wall. It is located along the funnel. It's a cool attraction. The ship also has a skating rink, a casino, and a theater.

Here's a photo from the upper deck. We are heading towards Port Canaveral.

In the next part, I'll tell you about Universal Studios (Tour Of The USA. Orlando - Universal Orlando).
Author: Gian Luka
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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