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Tour of the USA. From Orlando to the Western Caribbean. Haiti

Gian Luka • 7 minutes read • May 18th, 2017
Let's continue our journey (Tour of the USA. From Orlando to the Western Caribbean. Freedom of the Seas)!

In the morning we came in Haiti, in the port of Labadee. Royal Caribbean International bought this peninsula, so everything is safe and controlled. :) However, not only the crew serves the guests of the port, but also the local people, so they deceived us a little. I'll tell you about it a bit later. :)
The peninsula is not big. There are trains and pick-up trucks, which carry tourists to every part of the island. There are paid beaches (they are expensive). We did not understand their purpose. Well, except for the smaller amount of people on the sunbeds. :) Given that they cost 200 dollars per person, their purpose is unclear.
Map of Labadee.
We stopped at Barefoot Beach, the one that is free and close to the port. :) We stopped at Columbus Cove, came to Adrenaline Beach while walking along the peninsula.
Some info: beaches from the side of Adrenaline are almost unacceptable for swimming. There are rocks and large waves. Barefoot and Columbus are good. We chose Barefoot Beach and didn't regret.:) There's a souvenir market near Columbus Beach, and local people are a bit annoying. :)
There is also a descent from the mountain to the ocean on the island, but we did not have time for it. :) As for the food, there are three cafes with an all inclusive for food. Food and drinks are from the ship.

Here are some photos:

We came in Labadee: view from the balcony.
We met a cool guy on the boat. It's reminded me of the "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" movie, where the boats with provisions sailed up to the ship.
View from a pier. By the way, there are containers with antibacterial liquid throughout the ship. Everyone has to wash the hands when returning to the ship. The crew watches this process. Such containers are everywhere in Labadee.
It's one of the most popular points for taking pictures of the cruise liner. A guy on the left is not with us. :)
Barefoot Beach. Well, you can see everything. The water is clean, and the sand is white. I was in a T-shirt and still sunburned. :)
We bought Pina Colada in the bar. Its size is impressive. It was enough for 2 of us. It cost about 10 dollars at the time of our cruise.
As for the deception. We got to the beach around 11 am. People were there from 10 am, so there were no sunbeds. Sunbeds stood in a pile 30 meters away. Some local guy immediately ran up to us. He had the company's label and he suggested us to bring 2 sunbeds. We were told on the ship that this service was free and it was their job, so we agreed without a shadow of a doubt. I'm not a cheapskate, but the sunbeds were next to me, and I was going to bring them on my own. However, it was our vacation, and I agreed with the guy, realizing that it's easy to leave him a dollar or two. (Given the prices on the island and the situation, it was stupid to leave more). But... I realized that I took only a 100 dollars bank-note with me. :( The guy brought us sunbeds, I thought that 100 bucks were too much, told him 'Thank you very much,' and began to settle. It didn't satisfy him, and he was standing beside me waiting for the tips. I could not stand it; moreover, I realized that I had to give him 1 or 2 dollars. I said: 'I have only 100 dollars. I'll break up the money and give you a couple of bucks in the evening'. He said: 'I will bring you the change.' I gave him the money. :) Of course, I remembered the name tag :) I immediately told that 2 bucks were for him, the rest was for me :) After 10 minutes of waiting, he returned very happy. He gave me 95 bucks, said that he didn't have more, and disappeared in the crowd. :) I didn't care about the money, but you should take small bills with you. :)

Here are the palm trees on the island. There are many paved roads, which is convenient.
Palm trees. View of Adrenaline Beach. As you can see, there are not many people because of the high waves.
Here are remains of a church on the peninsula.
View of the ship from the beach.
Like on the Titanic. :)
Columbus Cove. It's a beautiful beach, but there are many people, the sea is deep, and the water is colder for some reason. Although the beach where we stayed was in 300 meters.  
View of the ship. :) Our cabin was on deck 7.
Here's the view of Columbus Cave. You can clearly see a steep line. It's very picturesque, of course.
Freedom of the Seas hid behind the rock.
On the way to the liner. Light Caribbean music plays everywhere. By the way, you can buy water immediately after leaving the ship, mostly Evian. However, you are not allowed to take it to the ship. Moreover, all the things are scanned when you return to the liner (like in the airport). Therefore, you can't bring alcohol as well. It is seized and given back when you come back to the United States.
It was waiting for us in the cabin. :)
It was a brief info about the ship and Haiti. Here are some videos (not mine) to make the picture complete:

1. Virtual tour of the ship
Author: CleanCruising

2. Virtual tour of Freedom of the Seas
Author: CruiseAwayNow

3. The Western Caribbean cruise
Author: superslowdan

4. Haiti
Author: Daryl Spong

Author: Gian Luka
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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