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Tour of the USA. From Orlando to the Western Caribbean. Part 1

Gian Luka • 7 minutes read • May 16th, 2017
I'd like to tell you about our tour of the USA. I've always dreamed of combining Orlando with a cruise to have enough time to visit the theme parks. Probably, Orlando has the greater number of parks per square kilometer than any other city in the US. :) Well, this city is the park, in fact.

After the deep thinkings, studying the articles, LJ, and other things, we chose the date: the beginning of October, in hopes not to get into the hurricane. In general, we were lucky, and the weather was good almost all the time. The route was as follows:
Flight: Moscow - New York - Orlando - New York - Moscow.
Two days in Orlando with a visit to Disney.
7 days cruise to the Western Caribbean.
2 days in Orlando with a visit to Universal Studios.

Day 1,2,3.
We arrived in Orlando. The flight was pretty easy. It is a pity that we had only transfer in New York, but we will visit it next time.

We booked a hotel in Orlando in advance. We chose Hilton. It's a good hotel with quite reasonable prices. It has a huge territory, many pools, friendly staff. The room has a microwave, kitchenette, coffee, kettle, and a 42 Inch Plasma TV. It's cool. You can also buy tickets to all the parks at the reception desk, but it is more expensive than taking them in the park. The cheapest option is to buy tickets online. There are transfers to Disney and Universal. A round trip to Disney cost $9 per person (as of 2013). It's an excellent price for such distance. Transfer to Universal is free. You should book all transfers in advance.
Below are some photos from the hotel. We dedicated the first two days to the Disney World.

It is a hotel's pool. As you can see, it's not cold in Orlando in October. :)

Another angle.

There's a lake with such creatures near the pool. It's a bit scary. It's unclear why the crocodile does not want to get out and eat you in the evening. It just swims around and relaxes.

We bought transfer and went to Disney. We wanted to visit the four main parks for 2 days. I will explain why this is unreal at the end of the article. :) Transfer carried us to the parking near Epcot. The ticket office was close to it. We bought tickets for 2 days in 4 parks. It turned out to be pretty expensive, but cheaper than separate tickets. We chose the so-called Park Hooper. That is, our tickets covered the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney Hollywood for two days. When the cashier found out that it was my wife's first time in Disney, he presented her a badge.
You can find more information about the parks' cards and the parks themselves on the official website:

Map of The Walt Disney World Resort.

You can get from the parking to the Magic Kingdom by ferry or monorail. The monorail is faster, but the ferry is cooler! We chose the ferry. 

Map of the Magic Kingdom.

On our way to the Magic Kingdom on the ferry.

The ferry is arriving.

Here's the main square after the Magic Kingdom entrance.

Here's the main street and a castle from childhood on the horizon.

The castle from childhood becomes closer. There's a feeling of a fairy tale, although we are not children anymore. Every moment is exciting in its own way.

The weather in the park changed all the time. It was rainy, and then it was sunny. I took a picture of a rainbow.

We met a cool guy with a child. By the way, we were in the park at the time of the Halloween celebration. It takes place on certain days within a month. The park closed at 5 pm, and the party began. To be honest, I have never seen so many freaks per square meter in my life.

Cinderella Castle

The park is divided into several theme zones. Each zone has its attractions, shows, entertainment. Everything in the Magic Kingdom is child-oriented, but it does prevent you from getting pleasure. There are several roller coasters in the park, but they are for kids. We are entering the Adventureland.

Here's the first attraction. You sail on a boat through the jungle and watch everything happening around you. It's interesting.

It's the ferry inside the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to sail on it :(

Haunted Mansion. It's the exciting attraction, but it's not scary. By the way, the queue organization in Disney is amazing. Everything is theme-based, and the time in the queue flies. Decorations, shows, and all sorts of interesting things - you can find it while standing in the queue. 

For example, here's a stone organ. It's unclear how it plays, but it really does! :)

Here are tombs. It's a bit scary.

Decorations in the park are incredible. The streets and cafes are in the style of games, cartoons, etc. (for example, in the Western style).

Here's the castle again. By the way, people in the USA offered to photograph us all the time!

There are lots of shows in all the Disney World parks. You can find out the schedule at the ticket office or on the website. We visited many of them, including a parade at 4 pm.

Let's continue our tour of the Orlando theme parks (Tour of the USA. From Orlando to the Western Caribbean. Part 2)!
Author: Gian Luka
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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