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Tour of the USA. From Orlando to the Western Caribbean. Part 2

Gian Luka • 6 minutes read • May 16th, 2017
Let's continue our tour of the Orlando theme parks (Tour of the USA. From Orlando to the Western Caribbean. Part 1)!

Here's some ball in the Tomorrowland.

Something like carting.

It is the stairs towards the railway station in the Magic Kingdom.

In general, we dedicated the first day to the Magic Kingdom. In the end, we wanted to spend some time in Disney's Hollywood Studios, rode the roller coasters two times and saw one show. The next day we repeated our transfer. We decided to start the day with the Animal Kingdom, then get into Disney's Hollywood Studios, and end the day with fireworks in the Magic Kingdom. The Animal Kingdom is located far enough from all the parks, so you need to estimate your time. You'll find details on transport and parks at the end of the article.

Map of the Animal Kingdom.

It is the Animal Kingdom entrance.

This tree is the Animal Kingdom's symbol. The Animal Kingdom is a magnificent zoo with attractions. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time. In fact, it would be great to have at least half a day or even a day for this park.

Mount Everest. The coolest attraction in the Animal Kingdom, the real roller coaster is located there. It's exciting.

Such herons run around the park.

We went to have breakfast. An excellent turkey leg (which was enough for 2 people) and a glass of beer cost a bit more than 11 dollars (as of 2013).

Here's an enclosure.

It is the Dinoland entrance. All parks in Disney are divided into sub-territories. There's nothing special to look at in Dinoland. They seriously lose to Universal Studios with their Jurassic Park.

As for the Animal Kingdom, we went there to visit Mount Everest. Later we realized that the park is great for rest, and one can easily spend the day there. We spent about 3-4 hours there and, unfortunately, almost did not see animals. After riding on Mount Everest, we headed towards Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Map of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Falling elevator or Hollywood Tower. It's one of the most extreme attractions in the park. In general, this park has the Hollywood Studios theme and is a bit similar to Universal. Nevertheless, it has its atmosphere. There's the greatest number of the roller coasters in this park.

Pixar walkway

Street decorations

The famous hat. Symbol of the studio. Probably, we can call it in this way.

The same hat :)

It is a mockery of the celebrities' prints. :) Although they may be real :)

Here are examples of decorations for the filming.

For example, here's the New York street. All the parks are amazing.

We took a trip around the sets and backstage of the studio. It's an interesting show.

A place for a picture. :)

There are lots of cool things that save from the heat throughout the park. For example, here's a bottle of cola. It flushes every minute. By the way, it's an excellent example of outdoor advertising. :)

End of the day at the park's exit.

Then we went to the Magic Kingdom to watch the famous fireworks and show.

The castle's illumination.

Crowds of tourists.

Several videos (it's not mine because we stood gaping or rode the attractions and didn't think of shooting).

1. The fireworks

2. Rock 'n' Roller

3. Big Thunder Mountain

4. Mt Everest 1

5. Mt Everest 2

General information. For two days, we explored the entire Magic Kingdom, 70 percent of Disney's Hollywood Studios (although we tried to ride the roller coasters two times; because of this, we did not get to a couple of shows), and almost nothing except Dinoland and Mount Everest in the Animal Kingdom.
I advise you to move against the clock (during the busy hours in the parks) since the main stream moves clockwise.There are fastpasses for the attractions in all parks. They are free. You should plan your route in advance. You can get the fastpass one hour before the desired time. It's printed automatically and valid for one ride if I'm not mistaken. You can find attractions with fastpasses on the map of the park you'll get when buying tickets. Fastpass allows you to get on the attraction without the queue (well, almost without the queue) at the chosen time.
There's a network of free buses operating between the parks. They run on schedule. There is also the ferry and the monorail. (The ferry and monorail doesn't go to the Animal Kingdom).
As for the time, two days won't be enough for these parks. You can manage to explore 1.5 parks a day with at a quick pace. That is 2 days for Universal Studios is enough. But it's not enough for Disney. We even didn't go to Epcot and did not see the Animal Kingdom. :) 

Well, we got a lot of impressions and emotions and a great beginning of our vacation.
After the parks, we went to the hotel to pack our things. Tomorrow our cruise will start...
Author: Gian Luka
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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