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Transport in Helsinki. How to Get Around the City

Nefer • 4 minutes read • December 20th, 2016
Public transport in 


consists of buses, trams and the subway. There were no trolley cars. Fare is 3.20 Euros. You can use the same ticket to get to the 

Fortress of Suomenlinna

by ferry. You'll have to pay an 80 Euro penalty for any unpaid travel. So it is not worth the risk. Tourist Helsinki Card gives you the right to use public transport for free during its valid period. So let's look at public transport moving down the streets of Helsinki.
Trams were different. There were older, almost retro ones, as well as more modern models. The route network was very developed. We used trams more often than buses or the subway.
Stops were marked in this way. Everything was pretty standard. Some of them had panels showing the estimated time of arrival.
There was a card reader inside the car. Here's where misunderstanding begins. The figures look like buttons but you cannot press them. It turns out that you just have to press your card against this device.
I took pictures of several variants of the seat order in the car.
The button on the handrail remained a mystery to me.
Here's the new tram. There are two interesting routes from the tourist point of view: number 4 and number 6, which pass by the main sights. The first goes from the Katajanokka neighborhood to Munkkiniemi and the second one, from Hietalahti to Arabianranta.
There was a tram depot between Sibelius Park and the Olympic Stadium. The gates were open, inviting us in.
There was no one. We decided not to be insolent, so we took several pictures and left.
We traveled by bus only once.
You can buy tickets at vending machines, in this case the cost of the trip will be a little cheaper. Single tickets for the subway cost 2.70 € and for the tram, 2,50 €.
This is the ticket office of the Inter city Bus Terminal located underground, in the city center. We almost didn't find it, there were no signs and everything was unclear. We decided to visit Porvoo, so we went there. By the way, you can buy tickets from the driver, so you don't have to stand in line.15transport-helsinki-how-to-get-around-the-city.jpg
If possible, choose Onnibus. This is a great and comfortable way to get to Porvoo. Free Wi-Fi will brighten your trip ;) The ticket costs 6 Euros. We went back on a simpler bus. There was no Internet and tickets cost 8 Euros - such an disappointment.
At the end, we saw this funny drawing near the ferry terminal at 

Market Square

. The main thing is that the message was clear :)
Do you think I forgot about the subway? No. I wrote about it here - The Helsinki Metro. Sad Functionality.
Author: Nefer
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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