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Treptower Park In Berlin

lavagra • 4 minutes read • January 15th, 2017
1treptower-park-in-berlin.jpgMy brother, younger daughter and I went to 


quite recently. A visit to the legendary 

Treptower Park

was one of the most important moments of our trip.
This place is not just the largest military memorial site, but also a mass grave for the 7,000 soldiers from the Red Army, who died in the last days of the war.
2treptower-park-in-berlin.jpgThis memorial depicts a giant figure of the liberator warrior with a sword cutting the swastika, and holding a young German girl in his arms. This impressive memorial was opened in 1949.
3treptower-park-in-berlin.jpg4treptower-park-in-berlin.jpgMany people perceive this memorial as just a quiet city park with elements of strange Soviet symbolism not deprived of a kind of monumental beauty. Large slabs around the bulky mound depict scenes of the life and battles of the Soviet people, and there are carved citations from Stalin, in Russian and German, on the sides.
5treptower-park-in-berlin.jpgA small room with a firmly locked grille at the entrance is arranged in the granite base under a giant sculpture of a soldier-liberator. There is a small cubic pedestal against the background of the mosaic panel with figures of civilians in the USSR in the middle, where a book of parchment is placed in the golden casket. The names of heroes who died in the Battle of Berlin are inscribed on it. There’s a chandelier made of crystal and rubies in the room.
6treptower-park-in-berlin.jpgAll this pathos and symbolism hides terrible secrets of the last days of the war...
7treptower-park-in-berlin.jpgThe Battle of Berlin is recognized as the biggest battle in the history of mankind. It involved more than 3.5 million people on both sides, as well as 8,000 tanks and 11,000 aircrafts. 
Even not fully proven information about casualties is enormous. About 80,000 soldiers from the Red Army, and another 400,000 Germans, most of whom were not military men, paid the ultimate price for the grandiose battle.

Treptower Park

preserves its importance as a memory and a reminder of the war, which was not easy for anyone up to the very end.
11treptower-park-in-berlin.jpg Author: Lavagra
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