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Trip To Bruges And To The Sea

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • March 21st, 2016

Do you remember the movie 'In Bruges"? Today we'll climb a local bell tower, where the movie was filmed, pass through quiet streets and visit countless chocolate shops. Then, we'll dine on the Atlantic coast...

The drive was a little less than three hours. We parked near the square with a large fountain composition in the middle. Sculptures reminded me of the Vigeland Museum in Oslo:

We didn't have much time, so we went towards the old square with a 107-meter belfry where the movie mentioned above was filmed. We had to climb up 336 steps:

Our first stop was at a level with a mechanism of local chimes:

Just at that time, the bell began to ring...

Those who have finished watching 'In Bruges' will remember that one of the main characters fell from the top of this bell tower. Ordinary tourists won't be able to attempt that jump because all the balconies are securely closed with iron grid:

Downstairs, we rewarded ourselves with a glass of delicious Hoegaarden:

There are several narrow streets in 


 leading from the square:

Almost every other shop in 


 sells chocolate. It seems like they do not eat absolutely anything besides chocolate. If all this chocolate madness is for tourists, then competition must very high - there are not that many tourists here:

Some stores in 


try to stand out with design or assortment. At first, I thought I was at a local sex shop. It turned out they also sell chocolate:

We didn't have time to walk around the Bruges on foot, so we hired a fiacre:

There are 54 bridges in Bruges.

In the middle of the route, our cab driver stopped at the banks of the canal for a planned 5-minute rest:

Swans were walking around the waterfront:

Some of them were very aggressive and were chewing my friend's finger with pleasure uttering nervous growl:

We ended our tour at the old square where we had another glass of the local beer.

It was 5 pm and we didn't want to drive back to France. Bruges is located just 9 miles (15 kilometers) away from the Atlantic coast, and we decided to listen to the sound of the tide in the town of Oostende.
Someone forgot his sneakers on the shore:

Kites of different colors are flying over the waves:

There was no one else on the beach:
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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