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Trip To Fiji Islands

wwworld • 6 minutes read • November 8th, 2016
1trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgAfter a successful landing, we broke the Fijian ground. I couldn't believe that we found ourselves on the other side of the world and that it was the 2nd of January, but it was summer there! When we entered the terminal building, first we saw musicians, who greeted us with national songs and shouts of "Bula", which in the local dialect means "Hello".
Having passed passport control, we went to our hotel, which was located not far from the airport. That day we were going to devote to the acquaintance with the biggest island in Fiji - Viti Levu. In order to take a more detailed trip, I rented a car.
2trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgFirst, we went along the perimeter of the island where we were told that there was a road in the north-east of the island, but it was not paved. S we decided not to risk it and instead, go to the capital, the city of 

Suva, by

 going to the west and south by the only normal roadway in terms of a smooth surface (according to the Fijian standards).
One of the attractions of Nadi is an Indian temple (

Sri Siva Subramaniya temple

), which is located on the outskirts of the city. Even the map that we obtained, together with the rental car, contained directions to this temple. However, we were only happy for a short while - the map did not help us avoid the traffic, so we failed to orient ourselves properly.  
3trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgAt the entrance, there was a sign saying that taking pictures was prohibited in the territory of the temple. Moreover, on the path leading to the temple, we met several signs saying that it was necessary to take off your shoes and walk barefoot.
A very low standard of living of the locals was our first impression of Fiji. The prices were sky-high due to lack of business competition and the fact that the island is so remote. However, at the same time, we enjoyed the striking beauty of nature. Fiji has a tropical climate, but for me, the vegetation was special there.
4trip-to-fiji-islands.jpg5trip-to-fiji-islands.jpg6trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgThe crystal-clear water, combined with the rich underwater world, attracts thousands of tourists from around the world.
7trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgOn our way in the direction of 


, we saw only a few people keeping busy with work. In general, many of the locals were seen sitting by the side of road, talking to each other or, more rarely, selling odds and ends, Moreover, we noticed that people in each village sold something of their own: mangos, pineapples, some turnips, and even brooms.
8trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgAs we understood, Fijians prefer not to strain themselves and to be satisfied with what they have. There was a banana tree growing in the courtyard  - that's good (a local man would think),
9trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgand if there's a mango tree growing nearby - that's perfect!
10trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgThese are the typical houses of the locals...
11trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgThis view had upset us...
12trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgAlthough we recalled that we went there to admire the wild nature, which was everywhere on the island.
13trip-to-fiji-islands.jpg14trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgIn the south of the island of Viti Levu (the main island in Fiji), there is a coral coast. So we made a stopover on one of the beaches. We were the only Europeans on that beach. The locals were looking at us as if we were museum exhibits. Fijians are very friendly and non-aggressive people, you can always hear them say their traditional greeting, "Bula!". They were happy to pose for photos, especially the children. The locals swam dressed.
We were hoping that by reaching Suva (the capital), the picture would change and we would see some modern housing infrastructure. Unfortunately, our expectations were not satisfied...
It was 4 p.m. and it was going to get dark soon, so it we had to go back. But first, we decided to eat at a restaurant under the proud name "Central Kitchen". It turned out to be a Chinese restaurant that served huge portions.
15trip-to-fiji-islands.jpgUnfortunately, the quality of the food left much to be desired. 
We went back to Nadi around 9 p.m., it was already quite dark.
Author:  wwworld
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