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Trip To Nice And Monaco

Oleg Lenkov • 4 minutes read • March 5th, 2017
1trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgA cruise vacation is good because you have time to see several countries or cities for the relatively short period of time.

On the one hand, it is good. This is reminiscent of a familiarization tour, when you can get a general comprehension about a particular place and therefore to conclude whether you should or not to further explore this place, coming back there again.

On the other hand, if you, for example, made a stop in the major port of any European capital, you need to understand that you have very little time to explore the city, that is enough only to see a small part of the local attractions.
2trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgThis holiday format requires good physical preparation, provided that you will go out from the ship as there are people who enjoy staying on board.
3trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgThe bay Villefranche (Nice) was our the first stopover. This picturesque place has become the starting point of our excursion program "Nice-Monaco-Monte Carlo".
4trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgIn Nice, we spent a few hours walking around the small streets and the waterfront.
5trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg6trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgThis is the monument dedicated to the memory of victims of the first and second world wars.
7trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgYou can meet quite often such relaxed and carefree people.
8trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgAlthough, there are also other types of people.
9trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgThe saxophonist renders the atmosphere of Nice very good.
11trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg12trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgThere are a lot of beautiful and expensive cars.
13trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg14trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgWhen we arrived in the city of "Eze", which is located on the mountain, we were told that these donkeys used to lift the tourists to the mountain. Nowadays, they do not work thins way. Now the donkey is a local landmark.
15trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgHere's Monaco.
16trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgThe Principality of Monaco is a dwarf city-state. If desired, you can work around the principality in one hour. This country is one of the most densely populated in the world. One of their stages of Grand Prix Formula 1 is held in Monaco. Monaco is also famous for its casino, located in the exclusive area of Monte Carlo.
17trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgThis is the Oceanographic Museum, which unfortunately was closed.
18trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg19trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgThis is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. It serves as the burial place of all the princes of Monaco.
20trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg21trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgSome people have pools on the roof...
22trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg23trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg24trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg26trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgHere's a view of the bay.
27trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg28trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpgHere you can see a typical relaxation area on the top floor of the building.
29trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg30trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg31trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg32trip-to-nice-and-monaco.jpg Author: Oleg Lenkov
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