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Trip To Saint Helena

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 5 minutes read • June 29th, 2016

The Saint Helena Island 

is going to remain one of the most remote corners of the world for a while, the airport hasn’t been built here yet.
1saint-helena.jpgCruise ships going from Africa to America go to this lost island in the Atlantic Ocean. And it’s one of the options to get there.
2saint-helena.jpgThe island was discovered by the Portuguese coming home from India in 1506. It was uninhabited, but there were reserves of fresh water and timber. Sailors brought the cattle here, planted fruit trees, vegetables, built a church and a few houses, and thus a small island became a convenient port of call for ships traveling from Asia to Europe around Africa in those days when the Suez Canal hadn’t been opened yet.
As always, a strategically important island became a subject of a bitter struggle for the possession. And the United Kingdom won in this fight.
3saint-helena.jpgPreviously, the island supplied the sailors with water and food. It is quite the opposite now: the incoming ships deliver long-awaited cargos with goods and collect the mail.
4saint-helena.jpgThere’s a church nearby - 

Saint James

5saint-helena.jpgIn general, everything is nearby, the city is located on the same street which starts from the gate on the waterfront.
6saint-helena.jpg4 thousand people inhabit the island. So it is clear that the vehicle fleet is small. Do you see the car tags?
7saint-helena.jpgHowever, there are offenders and there is a local traffic police.
8saint-helena.jpgThere is even a prison! The judge comes from England every year and hears all the cases at once, delivers a punishment, and goes back.
9saint-helena.jpgHere’s a small park.
10saint-helena.jpg...and a restaurant.
11saint-helena.jpg This is the only hotel for tourists.
12saint-helena.jpgThe island is known primarily as the place where Napoleon Bonaparte spent the last years of his life in exile here. This historical fact is the most interesting for those rare tourists who go to the burial place of the great commander.
13saint-helena.jpgThe body was removed by the French and reburied in Paris. However, local travel agencies are glad to show guests whatever is left.
A taxi driver brought us to the mountain where Napoleon's tomb was placed. We were admiring the spectacular views for half an hour hoping that the driver would come back for us.
14saint-helena.jpgBut soon we realized that there was no point looking at the same view over and over, and thinking that the ship would leave, we went down on our own, on foot. On our way, we were looking at the homes of locals.
15saint-helena.jpgAt the crossroads, we found out that there are other cities on the island apart from our street.
16saint-helena.jpgFortunately, we had been picked up by a nice woman Christina who agreed to take us to the 


, otherwise, we could've missed the ship.
Regular communication with Great Britain is established by postal and cargo-passenger ferry St Helena.
17saint-helena.jpgWe even had time to go to a cafe on the waterfront.
18saint-helena.jpgMy friend, who has her own tea/coffee shop, told that the island produces a unique Arabica coffee of the amazing taste. And, of course, we went looking for this magical coffee.
And we managed to buy it!
19saint-helena.jpgAuthor: Ehlzhbeta Chegarova
Translated by: Zoozi

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