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Trip To Tahiti. P1

mff • 3 minutes read • March 31st, 2017
This is a review about magical


1trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgTahiti is about 1045 of volcanic mountains overgrown with jungles, and 180 kilometers of coast consisting mainly of corals, pebbles or dark volcanic sand.
2trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgMen have their own, special tattoos on each Polynesian island.
3trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgMany people love


, the largest and the coolest city in Tahiti. This city has many specific details that make it quite interesting.
4trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgThis is the main city promenade - Pomare Boulevard (Pomare is the last name of the last royal family of Tahiti).
5trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgThis is a commercial port of Papeete:
6trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgThere are 16,000 kilometers between France and French Polynesia, so there's French spirit all around in Tahiti.
7trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgThis is a local pensioner:
8trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgHere's Polynesian Frenchwoman writing messages:
9trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgA woman was washing the street:
10trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgThis how the local architecture looks like:
11trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgThe city is small, all the streets are transversal to the central embankment and stumble into the mountain:
12trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgVahine means "a woman" in Tahitian.
13trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgThis is

Marché de Papeete

(Papeete market).
14trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpg15trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpg16trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpg17trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpg18trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgOnly the concept of second-third floors of buildings made in the form of canopies over the sidewalks remained up to this day after the colonial architecture in Papeete:
19trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgThese are the locals playing chess:
20trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgHere's modern Polynesian architecture:
21trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgThe tree covers almost completely a small parking lot:
22trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpg23trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgPolynesians are very religious! This is Sunday service in Temple Paofai (the cars are parked in three rows and there are traffic jams nearby):
24trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpg25trip-to-tahiti-p1.jpgIt was Monday, so I suppose the locals got tired and decided to take some rest.
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