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Trip To Tahiti. P2

mff • 4 minutes read • March 31st, 2017
Here you can find the first part of this review.
Tahiti is a country of surfers.
1trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgOn the map, the island of


is similar to the eight of two fused volcanoes. The most part is called Tahiti Nui (nui in Polynesian means big), and the smaller one is Tahiti Iti (iti: small).
2trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgThe locals live and work in the territory of a thin strip along the shoreline of about 150 kilometers, and there is almost nothing but jungles and waterfalls inside the island in the mountains (the island of Moorea is visible on the horizon).

There is the only main asphalted two-lane road that runs along the shore around the island. Cross streets that lead to the sea or to the forest outside the city are called "servitudes", which clearly indicates its origin and legal status.
3trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg4trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgThis thing is called PK (pointes kilomètres) - kilometer signs that start in


from zero and go counterclockwise around the island connecting in the area of Tahiti Iti (about 60 kilometers one way).
5trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgIf you go through the "servitude" to the coast, you can get to the famous Tahitian beaches.
6trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg7trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgThe houses of the private sector are usually leased to tourists.
8trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgThere are almost no ordinary boats in Tahiti. People usually put to sea on modern versions of Polynesian canoes with a float-balancer.
9trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg10trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg11trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg12trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg13trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg14trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg15trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg16trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg17trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg18trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg19trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg20trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg21trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg22trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg23trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgThere are tidal fountains on many islands of volcanic origin. Although there's a special one in Tahiti that springs straight from the mountain behind the road, pouring cars and interfering with traffic.
24trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg25trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg26trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg27trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgSandy beaches do exist in Tahiti.
28trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgThe bay on the right is called Matavai Bay, and the headland on the left is

Point Venus

. This is where Cook in 1769 was watching the passage of Venus on the disk of the Sun.
29trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgHere's Matavai Bay:
30trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgThis is Point Venus:
31trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg32trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgThis is how the waterfalls in Oceania look like. It's Faarumai Waterfalls:
33trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgFrench Polynesia is an amazing mixture of France and Polynesia, which the French consider being alien, and foreigners - very similar to France.

The locals have meals on a schedule as people do it in France. This photo was taken either at 11 a.m. or 4 p.m. - Franco-Polynesians drag baguettes home.
34trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgAs everywhere in Polynesia, fresh vegetables and fruits are not sold in supermarkets. You can buy it from private traders on roadside counters.
35trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg36trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg37trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpgTahiti has definitely sunk into my heart!
38trip-to-tahiti-p2.jpg Author: mff
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