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Trip To Vancouver, Canada

wwworld • 4 minutes read • November 19th, 2016
I had only 2 days to make acquaintance with


. It was spring. The city was blooming.
1trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg2trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgI didn't rent a car, and I went by public transport. Vancouver subway has only three lines and it is fully automated (there are no drivers). You can sit in a car and look forward.
3trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThis is the center of the city.
4trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThis is the passenger ship terminal. Also, a "sea bus" connecting the central and northern Vancouver runs from here.

Canada Place

, the visiting card of the city.
6trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThe "water bus" departs every 15 minutes and costs as a usual public city transport. For convenience, I bought a ticket for the whole day (9.75 Canadian dollars), which gives the right to unlimited use of public transport for one day.
Here's a view of the northern part of the city, beyond which there are snow-capped mountains.
7trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThat is the central part of the city.
8trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgHere's a water view of Canada Place.
9trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg10trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThere are lots of bike paths in the center of Vancouver. They are clearly separated from the pedestrians due to safety reasons.
11trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgIn the city center, there's a parking of planes by which one can make a sightseeing flight around Vancouver.
12trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThe residents of Vancouver (as all the Canadians as well, I suppose) are very active in sports. Here you can meet hundreds of runners in the park of all age groups.
13trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg14trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg15trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgI went to

Stanley Park

- the main natural landmark of Vancouver. It is located on a promontory on the northwest of the city center. The main path in the park is about 9 km long.
16trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgI think, the park is crowded in summer. There are beaches and special water playgrounds for children.
17trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg18trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThis is Lions Gate Bridge, connecting the center of Vancouver with the northern region.
19trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg20trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgAfter the park, I went into the city center. That building in the form of a sphere is a museum "World of Science":
21trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThis is the Chinatown. Generally, there are quite a lot of Chinese in Vancouver.
22trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThere you can buy various Asian snacks.
23trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg24trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThis is a house-iron. It's almost the same as in New York but it's lower.
25trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThis is a vapor clock.
26trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg27trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgI was watching the sunset in Sunset Beach.
28trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg29trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg30trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgThe locals were basking in the sun despite it was a workday.
33trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpgUnfortunately, it was time to come back home.
34trip-to-vancouver-canada.jpg Author:  wwworld
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