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Trip to Yokohama. P.1.

Barmoska • 4 minutes read • April 14th, 2016
Because this weekend consisted of three days (due to a national holiday), I decided to go to


. Well, just to walk and take a look at my favorite places.

This is my small bento - the hiking option....

This is a circular pedestrian interchange at exit from the station of Shin-



I'm on the way to my hotel:

And here's the hotel itself. 40 floors!

Impromptu mini-fair was held in the hotel lobby, including the sale of Rilakkuma goods. And everyone who made a purchase worth more than 1.000 Yen was given a voucher for photographing with Rilakkuma.

Here's a hotel's mini model with the shopping center extension:

And this is in a shopping center near the hotel.... Yum yum!

Here is the hotel's courtyard-well:

Here is the view from my room window. Shinjuku and its surroundings:

And you can see two TV towers - the old and the new one, Sky Tree:

Here are strangely curved underground passages:

And this is 

Yokohama Chinatown

, where I went to eat delicious Chinese dumplings:

People waiting for yummy.

Since my last visit here everything changed a little:

But dumplings seemed to remain as before:

People on the waterfront were resting and relaxing:

Passenger liner is sailing on a cruise:

The weather was warm, I wanted to swim, but then something changed my mind...

Some event took place on the ground near the old historic warehouses, I had to look at it!

All this action was called Eco-Aqua and was associated with fish - the aquarium ones and not only:

People were strolling from one stand to another:

Young singer was singing something in a loud and rolling voice on the stage:

Young man was showing his prowess by throwing this big ring on the target in the form of floating sticks:

More serious people were pricing to fish, evaluating their characteristics:

Someone was trying to catch the fishing with plates:

And someone preferred the classic version of fishing.... Its mini version:

And maxi version:

Some people, instead of eating the fish, on the contrary, allowed the fish to eat themselves. Dr. Fish helped them in this:

"Hmmm..... what a delicious little man!!"

Water vapor is sprayed for cooling the air. I tried - it's really very refreshing:

Here is the view of Tokyo at night from the hotel's window:

And several pictures of my hotel room:
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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