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Trondheim Science Museum

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Trondheim Science Centre (No: Vitensenteret i Trondheim) is a scientific hands-on experience center located in the Kongens gate area of Trondheim, Norway.

Trondheim Science Centre is a scientific hands-on experience center which offers many activities in addition to the exhibition. Visitors can conduct experiments on the displayed models. Some of these include the Planetarium, kitchen chemistry, Experiment Club, robotlab, inventor workshops and popular lectures.

Trondheim Science Centre is located in the former premises of the Bank of Norway in Trondheim which was designed in 1830–1831 by architect Ole Peter Riis Høegh (1806–1852) after preparatory work by the architect J. C. Ræder. The building was completed in 1833. The current appearance was the result of renovation and modernization in 1897 by architects Johan Martinus Christensen (1863–1935) and Lars Solberg (1858–1921).



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