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Trujillo, Honduras

Trujillo is a city and a municipality on the northern Caribbean coast of the Honduran department of Colón, of which the city is the capital.
The city is located on a bluff overlooking the Bay of Trujillo. Behind the city rise two prominent mountains,

Mount Capiro and Mount Calentura

. Three Garifuna fishing villages — Santa Fe, San Antonio, and Guadelupe — are located along the beach.

Trujillo has received plenty of attention as the potential site of a proposed Honduran charter city project, according to an idea originally advocated by American economist Paul Romer. Often referred to as a Hong Kong in Honduras, and advocated... Read more

Trujillo, Honduras

Trujillo is a city and a municipality on the northern Caribbean coast of the Honduran department of Colón, of which the city is the capital.
The city is located on a bluff overlooking the Bay of Trujillo. Behind the city rise two prominent mountains,

Mount Capiro and Mount Calentura

. Three Garifuna fishing villages — Santa Fe, San Antonio, and Guadelupe — are located along the beach.

Trujillo has received plenty of attention as the potential site of a proposed Honduran charter city project, according to an idea originally advocated by American economist Paul Romer. Often referred to as a Hong Kong in Honduras, and advocated by among others the Trujillo-born Honduran president Porfirio Lobo Sosa, the project has also been met with skepticism and controversy, especially due to its supposed disregard for the local Garifuna culture.


Christopher Columbus landed in Trujillo on August 14, 1502, during his fourth and final voyage to the Americas. Columbus named the place "Punta de Caxinas". It was the first time he touched the Central American mainland. He noticed that the water in this part of the Caribbean was very deep and therefore called the area Golfo de Honduras, i.e., The Gulf of the Depths.

The history of the modern town begins in 1524, shortly after the conquest of Mexico by Hernán Cortés. Cortés sent Cristóbal de Olid to find a Spanish outpost in the region, and he established a town named Triunfo de la Cruz in the vicinity. When Olid began using the town as his base for establishing his own realm in Central America, Cortés sent Francisco de las Casas to remove him. Las Casas lost most of his fleet in a storm, but he was nevertheless able to defeat Olid and restore the region to Cortés. Upon assuming control, Las Casas decided to relocate the town to its present location, because the natural harbor was larger. At the same time, Triunfo de la Cruz was renamed Trujillo. His deputy, Juan López de Aguirre was charged with establishing the new town, but he sailed off, leaving another deputy, named Medina, to found the town. In the coming years, Trujillo became more important as a shipment point for gold and silver mined in the interior of the country. Because of its sparse population, the city also became a frequent target of pirates.

Under Spanish rule, Trujillo became the capital of Honduras, but because of its vulnerability, the capital was changed to the inland town of Comayagua. The fortress, Fortaleza de Santa Bárbara (El Castillo), which sits on the bluff overlooking the bay, was built by the Spanish around 1550. Nevertheless, it was inadequate to really defend Trujillo from pirates—the largest gathering of pirates in history took place in the vicinity in 1683—or rival colonial powers: the Dutch, French, and English. The town was destroyed several times between 1633 and 1797, and during the eighteenth century, the Spanish all but abandoned Trujillo because it was deemed indefensible.

When Honduras obtained its independence in 1821, Trujillo lost its status of the capital city permanently first to Comayagua, which lost it to Tegucigalpa in 1880. From this same period onwards Trujillo began to prosper again.

In 1860, the mercenary William Walker, who had seized control of neighboring Nicaragua, was finally caught and executed in Trujillo. His tomb is a local tourist attraction.

American author O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) spent about a year living in Honduras, primarily in Trujillo. He later wrote a number of short stories that took place in "Coralio" in the fictional Central American country of "Anchuria", based on the real town of Trujillo. Most of these stories appear in his book Of Cabbages and Kings.

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Trujillo, Honduras: Port Information

Cruise ships anchor offshore, and passengers are transported to the Banana Coast Port by the tender boats.

Get around Trujillo, Honduras

Everything is within walking distance. 

What to see in Trujillo, Honduras

Enjoy the beach and nature. Take sightseeing tours. Visit Garifuna fishing villages.

What to do in Trujillo, Honduras

  • Sightseeing
  • Snorkeling, swimming, and other fun beach activities
  • Kayaking

What to eat and drink in Trujillo, Honduras

The Honduran "Plato típico" is the most famous lunch. It consists of rice, beef, fried beans (frijolitos), and fried bananas (tajaditas). If you are lucky, it will also come with chimol, a fresh, non-spicy salsa made of tomatoes, green peppers, onions, cilantro, and lime juice.

Baleadas are a Honduran original and a nearly ubiquitous cheap and quick meal. A baleada sencilla (simple) consists of a thick flour tortilla filled with refried beans, cheese (queso), and a type of cream similar to sour cream but not sour (crema or mantequilla). A baleada especial usually also comes with eggs in it and you can sometimes get avocado or even meat.

Other choices are tacos and enchiladas, though don't expect them to be like those in Mexico. The tacos are meat rolled in a corn tortilla and deep fried. The enchiladas are a flat fried corn tortilla topped with ground beef, cheese, and a red sauce.

One commonly known Honduran treat is called a macheteada, which is a tortilla filled with sweet, sugary, flour and sugar.

Pinchos y pupusas (tocino, queso, etc.)

Honduran Coffee is great, recognized around the world for its rich taste, with the brands from Copan are usually being the best. Welches is considered to be the best by many locals. A less well known, yet very rich blend is Cloud Forest brand of coffee, which is grown in the higher "Cloud Forest" regions of the nation. This brand also offers buyers the chance to help aid organizations every time the product is purchased. Coffee from Lepaera, Lempira, was judged to be the best coffee in the world but can be difficult to find, even in Lepaera itself, since it is highly demanded around the world and exported accordingly.

Great "licuados" - fruit juices and milkshakes - (mango, piña, watermelon, banana, etc.)are common and worth trying almost anywhere in the country.

Alcoholic beverages are readily available, however, it is not recommended that tourists and foreigners become intoxicated as this increases security risks to that individual. This being said, Honduras has several excellent alcoholic beverages such as fine wines and rich beers.

Shopping in Trujillo, Honduras

  • Jewelry store
  • Jade museum
  • Duty-free alcohol and souvenirs

Safety in Trujillo, Honduras

Purified water is used in restaurants, but bottled water is definitely recommended. Remember to never use the water out of the tap, unless you are certain it is safe. Use bottled water to drink.

Dengue fever is endemic in both urban and rural areas.

It is not recommended to buy much food in the streets (people who are selling food just by the sidewalk).

Many travel agencies and different places will tell you that Honduras is a dangerous country concerning illnesses, this is not true. People are just as ill all over Latin America (nothing out of what is normal), just take the necessary precautions. HIV is a problem in Honduras so be careful as you would in your own country.

Carry a first aid kit and have contact phone numbers with you.

If hiking or spending significant time in the great outdoors, be prepared for a wide range of natural threats and nuisances including snakes, spiders, scorpions, mosquitoes, and ticks. On the upswing, however, you can actually pick fruit such as mangos, oranges, lemons, and starfruit right off the trees.

After your stay in Honduras, as with other countries which have parasite risks in the water supply, it is wise to consult a doctor and request an anti-parasite medicine such as Albendazol, Mebendazole, or Praziquantel.

Language spoken in Trujillo, Honduras

Spanish is the primary language spoken. English is spoken in tourist places.


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