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Try Green Eggs and Work: Things to Do on Carnival Elation Cruise Ship

6 minutes read • August 1st, 2019
Are you waiting for an upcoming cruise on Carnival Elation? We are genuinely happy for you! Have you already thought your port activities through? That's great! Now it's time to check the list of

things to do on the Carnival Elation cruise ship

Carnival Elation cruise ship
Carnival Elation cruise ship by Hargcb/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0

Let's start by getting acquainted with the ship. In case this is your first adventure with her.

Carnival Elation cruise ship is an experienced representative of Carnival Cruise Line. She was floated out in 1998, and since then she has faithfully served Carnival Cruise Line. By the way, Carnival Elation was the first cruise ship to be equipped with an Azipod propulsion system.
The vessel has a tonnage of 71,909 GT, and Carnival Elation capacity is 2,130 guests and 920 crew members.
We should note that despite her age, under no circumstances can we name this member of the Carnival's Fantasy-class of cruise ships, um... out of date. In October 2017, Carnival Elation underwent a multimillion-dollar month-long dry dock. As a result of an extensive renovation, the ship got an additional deck, new cabins, the water park, as well as numerous new onboard amenities. By the way, the ship was named the "Best Refurbished Cruise Ship" at the TravelAgeWest WAVE Awards in summer 2018.

Currently, the Carnival Elation ship operates cruises to the Bahamas and the Caribbean from Port Canaveral (Orlando), FL.

Well, it's time to check the list of Carnival Elation things to do.
So, on your next sailing on this beauty, you should definitely...

Take a picture in the Atrium.

And not only take a picture, but also enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee while having a cozy little chat, listen to live music, dance, take part in competitions - generally speaking, feel yourself a full-fledged part of this cruise in the very heart of the ship.

Enjoy a brilliant performance at the theater

... or live music in a cozy atmosphere of a piano bar, a comedy show, Hasbro Game Show – the choice of performance is wide and diverse.

Swim in the pool at night.

Публикация от Aaron Hande (@aaronhande)

Taste Martini.

Admire breathtaking scenery at Serenity Deck

... or from your private balcony while enjoying some wine.

Get wet in the WaterWorks water park.

Публикация от LILIA BET (@by_b_lilia)

Improve your skills in mini golf.

And what about bocce ball?

Try green eggs, colored pancakes, and other bright and delicious offerings at Carnival's Dr. Seuss Breakfast. Please note: it is a must-do for cruise lovers of all ages.

Of course, do not forget about another Carnival's hallmark – a legendary chocolate melting cake.

Take a break from the bustling world, relax, and... work.

Why not? You can finish an article, start writing your new novel, spend some time knitting and embroidering. What can be more inspiring than a beautiful view of the boundless ocean?

Watch the sun going behind the horizon

Публикация от Tom Shen (@sunsetjeep)

... and dream about tomorrow, which will be as unforgettable as today.

Get married.

Yes, you should get married, renew your vows, celebrate a birthday, propose, say 'I love you,' do something crazy together – well, you should spend the most unforgettable moments in your life on this ship.

Of course, it's just a small part of all Carnival Elation activities. You should also dance the night away, sing karaoke, play bingo, and much more. No doubt everyone will find something to his liking on this beautiful cruise liner.

Have you already sailed on her? Please share your favorite things to do on Carnival Elation in the comments.

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