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TV Tower Observatory In Sapporo, Japan

Nefer • 4 minutes read • December 22nd, 2016
The tower (

TV Tower

) was built in 


in 1957. It is 482 feet (147 m) tall. Previously, it was a repeater, but now this it is just a landmark of the city. There is an observation deck 295 feet (90 m) up, so of course I went there:  
1tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg2tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg3tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgThe observation deck was glazed and the windows were clean enough to take picture from:  
4tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgThere's Sosei River, along which a small park is laid. In fact, it is not a river, it's a canal called Soseigawa.
5tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgWindow frames were set at an incline for better views.
We found such information plaques.
6tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg7tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg8tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg9tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgThere's the Nijo Fish Market.
10tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgHere you can see an observation wheel in Susukino district and Mount Moiwa (1738 feet/531m).
11tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg12tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgMost of the cars in Japan were white.
13tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgEach Japanese attraction has its own talisman. In this case, an image of the tower was used.
14tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgThe best view is the one of 

Odori Park

, which starts from the tower and stretches about a 0.3 miles (0.5 km) to the Shiryokan Museum.
15tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgThere were sculptures, fountains, lawns and flower beds. All festivals and large-scale urban events are held in Odori Park.
16tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg17tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgMount Maruyama can be seen in this photo.
18tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg19tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgBehind that unsightly building, is JR Tower, which also has an observation. It is located at an altitude of 524 feet (160 meters), on the 38th floor. JR Tower is actually a railway station.
20tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg21tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgPedestrian crossings in the shape of an 'X' is another distinctive feature of Japan.
22tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg23tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgThis is a view from the elevator:  
24tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgThe elevator goes to the upper level, where a cafe and shops are located. One can take a few photos there.
25tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgThese are models of Japanese TV towers. Tokyo TV tower is the tallest. Sapporo TV Tower is similar. I suppose this is because it was designed by the same architect, Tachu Naito.
26tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg27tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgAttention! Lifehack - the entrance to this level is free. If you do no want to pay $6 (as of 2016), you can come here, despite the lack of a 360 degree view and the less than pleasing site below.  
28tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg29tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpg30tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgThis is a view of an elevator door from the inside.
31tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgIn 1961, a digital clock was installed on the tower. This clock was donated by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. In 2006, it was replaced by an LED clock provided by Panasonic.
32tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgAt night, this tower was illuminated. I guessed that the views from the observation deck must be stunning.
33tv-tower-observatory-in-sapporo-japan.jpgAuthor: Nefer
Translated by: Zoozi

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