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Tverrådalskyrkja is a mountain on the border between the municipalities of Luster (in Sogn og Fjordane county) and Skjåk (in Oppland county), Norway. It is part of the Breheimen mountain range within Breheimen National Park, just north of the large Harbardsbreen glacier. It is 23 kilometres (14 mi) north of the village of Skjolden in Luster and 33 kilometres (21 mi) southwest of Bismo in Skjåk.

The 2,088-metre (6,850 ft) tall main peak is also called Store Tverrådalskyrkja. About 700 metres (2,300 ft) southwest of the main peak, there is a second peak at a height of 2,034 metres (6,673 ft), called Søre Tverrådalskyrkja.

Tverrådalskyrkja can be reached from the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association cabin Sotasæter. Usual access to the peak is over the Fortundalsbreen glacier, then along the eastern ridge.


The first element is the genitive of the valley name Tverrådalen. The last element is the finite form of kyrkje which means "church". (Several mountains in Norway are named Kyrkja because of some likeness in shape with a church.) The first element of the valley name is the river name Tverråa and the last element is the finite form of dal which means "dale" or "valley". The river name is a compound of tverr which means "cross" and the finite form of å which means "(small) river"—thus it is a "side river" (to a bigger river).

Store Tverrådalskyrkja means "The Big Tverrådalskyrkja" and Søre Tverrådalskyrkja means "The Southern Tverrådalskyrkja".​

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