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Two days in Barcelona P.1

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • May 8th, 2016
1-barca-2day-p1.jpgSpain is made up of several beautiful cities, including Madrid and Toledo, Malaga and on the coast of Gibraltar and 


. Also, the capital of Catalonia is a jewel of the country. Below, the Spanish version of the 

Arc de Triomph

 that divides two Barcelonian boulevards and was erected by the World Exhibition in 1888.
2-barca-2day-p1.jpgAnother monument that was constructed by the World Exhibition in 1888 became one of the main symbols of Barca. The 

Columbus monument

 was erected on the embankment at the beginning of the famous La Rambla which is the main tourist city.

3-barca-2day-p1.jpgThe capital of Catalonia can be admired from the monument to Columbus

4-barca-2day-p1.jpgToday Barcelona is sunny and warm.
5-barca-2day-p1.jpgThe cruise port of Barcelona is close to downtown. In October the cruise season through the Mediterranean is over
6-barca-2day-p1.jpgOpposite the sea side is the always lively street called La Rambla.
7-barca-2day-p1.jpgOver an old tower the Catalan flag flies.
8-barca-2day-p1.jpgBarca has a lot to offer besides the culture and beautiful architecture, so taking in a tourist route through La Rambla can be fun!
9-barca-2day-p1.jpg10-barca-2day-p1.jpgThe main market of Barcelona - Mercat del Born is very popular among tourists. Here you can buy fresh seafood, cheese, and Catalan meat delicacies.
11-barca-2day-p1.jpgLa Rambla leads to the Plaça de Catalunya.
12-barca-2day-p1.jpgPasseig de Gràcia. On this street you can find a facade of Casa Batlló,, another creation by the famous Catalan architect Gaudi.
13-barca-2day-p1.jpg14-barca-2day-p1.jpgCasa Batlló was reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century. It still belongs to a Catalan family. All of Gaudi's creations have distinct characteristics:
15-barca-2day-p1.jpg16-barca-2day-p1.jpgOutside Avinguda Diagonal.
17-barca-2day-p1.jpgThe facade of Sagrada Familia, the most famous Gaudi project.
18-barca-2day-p1.jpgConstruction of this huge cathedral began in 1882, spanning until after the architecture's death. In recent years, construction is still active, and the completion of the Sagrada Familia is expected to be later in the 21st century. 
19-barca-2day-p1.jpgThis is how the cathedral looks today.
20-barca-2day-p1.jpgThe cathedral of the Holy Family. 
21-barca-2day-p1.jpgMany of Gaudi's architectural elements are assimilated to nature. The internal columns in the temple are reminiscent of tree trunks:
22-barca-2day-p1.jpgThe Sagrada Familia is full of light because the sunlight fills the internal space of the cathedral through large stained-glass windows.
23-barca-2day-p1.jpg24-barca-2day-p1.jpgIt is possible to climb on two towers of the temple after buying tickets. 
25-barca-2day-p1.jpgThe towers of the cathedral offer a panoramic view of Barcelona.
26-barca-2day-p1.jpg27-barca-2day-p1.jpg28-barca-2day-p1.jpgRead more in the second part!
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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