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Two days in Barcelona P.2

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 8th, 2016
The following images depict a walk through 


Football and Catholicism are the two main religions in Spain and Catalonia. Without underrating the temple of Barcelona, there is also the football temple "

Nou Camp"

stadium, home to the Catalan club; the biggest stadium in Europe. In Barcelona it is possible to buy tickets for football at each tourist bay. Below are pictures from the museum of "Barcelona". The entrance to the museum also acts as the central tribune of the stadium, and is decorated with portraits of the Catalan club stars, one being Lionel Messi.
1-barca-2day-p2.jpg"Nou Camp" was constructed in 1957. Many of the great football matches were held here, including the World Cup of 1982, the European championship of 1964, the legendary final match of the Champions League between  "Manchester United" vs. "Bavaria" in 1999. These matches are known around the world as "El-Classico".
2-barca-2day-p2.jpgThere are benches for trainers and substitute football players.
3-barca-2day-p2.jpgSome more panoramas of "Nou Camp".
4-barca-2day-p2.jpgDespite its size, "Nou Camp" is one of the most convenient and comfortable arenas for football viewing. Even from its right-most tiers, the field is perfectly visible. The locals are certainly supportive and lively for Barca
5-barca-2day-p2.jpg6-barca-2day-p2.jpgCommentator cabins
7-barca-2day-p2.jpgUnder the central tribune there is a museum of "Barcelona" where the main awards of the club and its players are presented, as well as many historical materials about world soccer and "Barca". Below are the four "Ballon d'Or" trophies given to Leo Messi.
8-barca-2day-p2.jpg9-barca-2day-p2.jpgAnd one of his "Gold boots", an annual award presented to the best goal shooter in the European national league:
10-barca-2day-p2.jpgOver the last 10 years "Barcelona" has won the Champions League of UEFA three times.
11-barca-2day-p2.jpgThe "mixed zone" of "Nou Camp" where football players give interviews after matches.
12-barca-2day-p2.jpgThe locker room for players of the away team. The "Barcelona" team's locker room is never shown to tourists, as it is in the inner sanctum of the Catalan club.
13-barca-2day-p2.jpgThis is tunnel where players exit their locker rooms and enter the field:
14-barca-2day-p2.jpg Evening on the square in front of the 

Cathedral of Barcelona.

15-barca-2day-p2.jpgMusic plays and the people arrange mass dances. The people are friendly, kind and positive, and so is the atmosphere.
16-barca-2day-p2.jpgEvening tourist rush on La Rambla. :))
17-barca-2day-p2.jpg18-barca-2day-p2.jpgSunday morning at the cathedral.
19-barca-2day-p2.jpgHistorical quarters of Barca
20-barca-2day-p2.jpgCathedral interiors.
21-barca-2day-p2.jpgIn general, Barcelona is very easy for the tourists to navigate because of its convenient public transport services. Below is Guel park, a Gaudi creation.
22-barca-2day-p2.jpg23-barca-2day-p2.jpg24-barca-2day-p2.jpg25-barca-2day-p2.jpg26-barca-2day-p2.jpgThe park is a so-called "Zone of sculptures", special tickets can be bought but it is possible to look at this part of the park without any paying . . . peek in from the outside!
27-barca-2day-p2.jpg28-barca-2day-p2.jpg29-barca-2day-p2.jpg30-barca-2day-p2.jpgThe funicular on Tibidabo's mountain from where you can admire panoramas of Barcelona from a height of nearly 2000 feet (600 meters).
31-barca-2day-p2.jpg32-barca-2day-p2.jpg33-barca-2day-p2.jpg35-barca-2day-p2.jpg36-barca-2day-p2.jpg37-barca-2day-p2.jpgThe square near the foot of Montjuic.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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