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Unionist Parade In Belfast, UK

lavagra • 3 minutes read • January 5th, 2017
1unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpgDuring our trip to 


(Ireland, UK), we were walking around the city and witnessed an unusual event, the Unionist Parade (the so-called conservative parade of the supporters of Northern Ireland's union with Britain).
2unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpgThere are some strained relations between the different confessional and national groups of inhabitants of this region. The Irish Republican Army, the Ulster Volunteer Force, the loyalists, royalists, Catholics, Protestants - all these mutually hostile forces are not left in the past but are still a part of the present of Northern Ireland.
3unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg4unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpgWe were surprised by the abundance of brightly colored costumes. The entire parade was divided into certain groups. The participants looked extremely serious.
5unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg6unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg7unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg8unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg9unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpgMany children of different ages took part in the parade along with middle-aged people.
10unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg11unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg12unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg13unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg14unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg15unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpgThere was a woman who was picking up hats fallen by the strong wind, so the parade didn't stop.
16unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg17unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpgIn general, this parade can be characterized as a demonstration of strength and determination of the unionists to remain in the UK.
18unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg19unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg20unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpg21unionist-parade-in-belfast-uk.jpgI hope that in the near future similar parades will be only a part of the national tradition and a tourist attraction, but not a consequence of discord and anger of the residents of 


Author: Lavagra
Source: lavagra.livejournal.com
Translated by: Zoozi

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