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Universal Studios Japan. P.2

Nefer • 7 minutes read • October 15th, 2016
I continue walking in

Universal Studios


Universal Studios Japan. P.1

). Finally I got to Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular. This is Water World, after the movie with Kevin Costner, do you remember it? It is one of my favorite shows at Universal. Performance is held just three times a day and lasts 16 minutes. It is various tricks on the water, pyrotechnic special effects, explosions, fire, and even the emergency landing of a seaplane! The only thing is that you have to be careful and to avoid getting into Soak Zones, otherwise you'll leave it absolutely wet.
At first the hero entertains the audience by talks. But as it happens in Japanese, I did not understand anything.
Then the villain came - and it started...
I remember that when I was spectating this performance for the first time, I was really struck by the plane that suddenly jumped out from nowhere. How do they manage to land it on this tiny patch of water?!
Finally the container with the inscription FUEL was shot and everything began to burn.
It was cool. In the end, there was the triumph of good over evil. I went for a walk to see the places I hadn't seen yet.
I saw the line. I took a closer look and I saw hanging Spider-Man. Everyone was taking pictures with him. That's a good idea for pictures as mementos.
Everything is decorated perfectly, designers have tried their best! In the background, you can see tha pavilion of The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, I've already been there.
Mini-shows and performances from time to time take place in different corners of the park.
Finally I got to the attraction called Back to the Future. I have already passed it by, but was not sure that I wanted to ride. Then I decided that I wanted.
This is also the ride. All employees of the pavilion greeting the visitors are dressed in overalls. It's not boring to stand in line, everything around is decorated in the movie's style. A group of six people is formed, it's taken to some room. There people watch a small prologue on the screen - the professor's speech, everything is in Japanese again, it is unclear. Then the girl in the green overall comes and says that if someone has changed his mind, now it is the time to give up, after all a flight into the future is a serious thing. After that, the door opens and we see that car in front of us! We got in it, buckled up, and rushed! In fact there was just a giant IMAX screen. I sat on the end and looked behind the wall - there were dozens of cars like ours. And each of them is located in a separate room, so there is a sense of individual adventure. That is why the line moves so fast :)
What do you think about this? No, it's not the ice cream. This is an icy mango! You can buy frozen fruit in the park, it's a great idea, it's very tasty and rescues from the heat!
This is Universal Monsters Live Rock And Roll Show. Beetlejuice is an emcee, Dracula, Frankenstein with his fiancee, some werewolf, and other monsters of the world's cinema sing and dance. It was pretty good, I liked it.
I'm walking in the park. From time to time, screaming people are rushing over the head.
Footprints lead to Jurassic Park.
Here's my another favorite attraction - Backdraft. In terms of firemen it means an explosive inflation of smouldering fire at fresh air. There are three rooms in pavilion, in the first, you can see fragments from the movie and you'll be indicated moments at which you should draw attention, in the second, you are told how it's done, and in the third, you can experience real special effects. Fire, explosions, the first row of people even moves away, because you can really feel the heat. In the end, the grating on which we stand moves away from under the feet, and pipes from the ceiling collapse almost on our heads, that's a cool moment :)
What I like in Universal is that it does not let you to recollect yourself. Everything happens nonstop. I went out from the pavilion under the impression, everyone is discussing the fire show and laughing, they were so afraid in the end. And then you see on the street such sexy fireman performing acrobatic feats.
And then I came across another show. Sesame Street characters were dancing right on the street. I am always amazed by faces, I have noticed the sincerity that they express already in Tokyo DisneySea. But people do all this every day, and even several times a day.
There are heroes walking in the park, you can take pictures with them. I do not know these ones.
The evening was coming, I was already pretty tired from the excitement. I wanted to go home. I went to the exit. There is the same line of people at Mummy, they are real maniacs.
Universal shops are full of all sorts of bright things. Everything screams "buy me!"
There are different mugs.
Children were so happy! I will never forget the face of a girl who saw a real princess. Flash of joy on her face was replaced by awe, she came closer, touched the dress, and sparks of admiration lit in her eyes.
That's all. I'm going to the subway. Universal Citywalk has not yet lit its lights, I have to leave this place until it's too late. Otherwise, there is no escape, it is simply impossible to leave this celebration of life!
The Japanese are rational and prudent. They give everyone a piece of paper that shows where to change to get back to Osaka - and there's no need to explain all that in broken English.
Well, that's the end. If you will have the opportunity to visit some of the Universal parks, take it, certainly it is not cheap, but worth it!
Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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