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Universal Studios Park - Los Angeles. P.2.

Sergey Dolya • 3 minutes read • November 12th, 2015
We were taken through the town made of decorations. You can find houses from any era and for every taste there:

The 'Spartacus' was filmed here, and in the next building - 'The Scorpion King':

I liked doors of different width and height. Often actresses are taller than actors. For short actors they build a low door for them to seem taller, for tall actresses - on the contrary:

Drove past the cars from the old movies:

Car accidents are filmed like this:

Ship from 'King Kong':

Vending machines from 'Tokyo Drift':

Famous gates from 'Back To The Future':

I was really impressed by the warehouses. Here you can find every detail of the interior of any era and of any shape:

Before filming, property man comes here and orders the furniture, dishes, clocks, phones, etc. from the list:

Also, empty bottles from all sorts of alcohol are kept here, which are filled with tinted water during the filming:

The tour ended at the wreckage of the humpback Boeing. For the filming of 'War Of The Worlds' with Tom Cruise, Universal bought a real decommissioned plane, sawed it into several pieces and artistically scattered them across the field:

We were told about a funny incident, when the American Airlines pilot, flying up to 

Los Angeles 

took this debris for the real ones and reported about the plane crash. Many firefighters and ambulances arrived here. There was a great commotion, but in the end, everything got settled:
Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com

Translated by: Gian Luka

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