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University House (Newcastle)

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University House is a heritage-listed building in Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. Located on the corner of King Street and Auckland Street, it was designed by architect Emil Sodersten in association with local architectural practice Pitt and Merewether. An example of Art Deco style, the design was inspired by the streamlined functionalism of contemporary architecture in Europe. The building was constructed between 1937 and 1939 for the Newcastle Electricity Supply Council Administration and was originally known as N.E.S.C.A House. The interior, designed by Guy Allbut, originally comprised a demonstration theatre, showroom, offices and staff accommodation. In 1959, when Shortland County Council became responsible for electricity supply in the Hunter Region, they constructed a three storey extension at the back of the building. A tower was added in 1967 and remodelling was carried out in 1969 and 1970. After the council vacated the building in 1987, a radio station and an architectural practice moved in. The building only sustained cosmetic damage during the 1989 Newcastle earthquake. In 1995, the University of Newcastle established a library there.

Currently known as "University House", the building now accommodates the University of Newcastle Legal Centre, the Newcastle Business School and the Watt Space Gallery.

The exterior of the building appeared in the 2006 film Superman Returns as ""Newhart Federal Bank"", the scene of a bank robbery.



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