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Unknown Buenos Aires. P1

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 4 minutes read • October 9th, 2016
Let me tell you about the unknown 

Buenos Aires

, the places in the city where tourists don't often visit.
This is the main theater of Argentina, the 

Colon Theater

1unknown-buenos-aires.jpgThe cheapest theater tickets are three times cheaper than the tour through it.
2unknown-buenos-aires.jpgOpposite the theater, there’s a big tree growing and a small park behind the grating. Outside of the park, under a tree of the main theater of the country, and one of the main attractions of the city, there’s a house built out of garbage, and homeless people live there.
3unknown-buenos-aires.jpg4unknown-buenos-aires.jpg5unknown-buenos-aires.jpgFurther, there’s a small, lovely park behind a fence. Authorities of Argentina put everything behind the fence in order to save it from homeless people. The park has also a guard.
6unknown-buenos-aires.jpgHere are some photos of the park in front of the Colon Theater.
7unknown-buenos-aires.jpg8unknown-buenos-aires.jpg9unknown-buenos-aires.jpgArgentines come to the parks to rest on the grass and the benches.
10unknown-buenos-aires.jpg11unknown-buenos-aires.jpg12unknown-buenos-aires.jpg13unknown-buenos-aires.jpg14unknown-buenos-aires.jpg15unknown-buenos-aires.jpg16unknown-buenos-aires.jpg17unknown-buenos-aires.jpg18unknown-buenos-aires.jpgLet us move to one of the streets that I liked the most. This is Avenida de Mayo street. The oldest line of the subway with the centennial train running on it, is laid along this street. Avenida de Mayo goes directly from 

La Casa Rosada

to Congreso.
19unknown-buenos-aires.jpgThis is the entrance to the subway of Buenos Aires.
20unknown-buenos-aires.jpg21unknown-buenos-aires.jpg22unknown-buenos-aires.jpgThis is a famous high-rise historic building. Previously, it was the tallest building in Buenos Aires. Its copy stands on the main square of the capital of Uruguay.
23unknown-buenos-aires.jpg24unknown-buenos-aires.jpg25unknown-buenos-aires.jpg26unknown-buenos-aires.jpgForeigners are always amazed by the dirt, broken sidewalks, curbs and plates, and of course, an abundance of homeless people in Buenos Aires. Here’s one listening to a street musician.
27unknown-buenos-aires.jpg28unknown-buenos-aires.jpg29unknown-buenos-aires.jpg30unknown-buenos-aires.jpg31unknown-buenos-aires.jpg32unknown-buenos-aires.jpg33unknown-buenos-aires.jpgIf you turn right from La Casa Rosada, you find yourself on Paseo Colon avenue, where the Department of Defense is located.
34unknown-buenos-aires.jpg35unknown-buenos-aires.jpg...and the customs...
36unknown-buenos-aires.jpg37unknown-buenos-aires.jpg38unknown-buenos-aires.jpg39unknown-buenos-aires.jpg40unknown-buenos-aires.jpg The second part of the review can be found here.
Author: Maksim Lemos - Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
Translated by: 

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