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Unknown Buenos Aires. P2

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 5 minutes read • October 9th, 2016
We continued along Paseo Colon avenue. The first part of the review about the unknown parts of 

Buenos Aires

can be found here.
41unknown-buenos-aires.jpg42unknown-buenos-aires.jpgThere’s an interesting note to mention: sometimes the official name of the district of Buenos Aires may differ from the way the locals call it. For example, this area officially belongs to the Monserrat district, but the locals call it 

San Telmo

, which officially begins in a few quarters.
43unknown-buenos-aires.jpgI only saw a motorcade once, with flashing lights, in Buenos Aires. And the convoy was strange . . . it included a bus. 
44unknown-buenos-aires.jpg45unknown-buenos-aires.jpg46unknown-buenos-aires.jpg47unknown-buenos-aires.jpg48unknown-buenos-aires.jpgBuenos Aires is a very multi-cultural city, and in some places the police stations are named in the languages of people who live in that area . . . 
49unknown-buenos-aires.jpg50unknown-buenos-aires.jpgIn the city, there is a Jewish quarter, several synagogues, a mosque. Many Arabs live there.
51unknown-buenos-aires.jpg52unknown-buenos-aires.jpgThere is also a Chinese district (Barrio Chino), where there are plenty of Chinese shops that sell practically everything.
53unknown-buenos-aires.jpgThere also a lot of so-called "Chinese supermarkets". Usually, these are small grocery shops. There are many of these shops in the city center. The peculiarity is that everything there is 20-30% more expensive than in other supermarkets, even though the goods are the same. The locals go to the Chinese shops as a last resort.
54unknown-buenos-aires.jpg55unknown-buenos-aires.jpgAlmost no one knows about it, but in Buenos Aires there is a waterfront that you can walk around. Usually, a tourist sees the docks in Puerto Madero, and the rocky coast in the 

Reserva Ecologica park

. But the waterfront is very close to the center. It runs along the second main airport, and stretches to the Holy Land park. On the waterfront there is a "fisherman's house", and a club with a restaurant inside:
56unknown-buenos-aires.jpg57unknown-buenos-aires.jpg58unknown-buenos-aires.jpgThere are fishermen as well. And for many people fishing is not a hobby, but necessary to sustain themselves. 
59unknown-buenos-aires.jpg60unknown-buenos-aires.jpg61.jpg61unknown-buenos-aires.jpg62unknown-buenos-aires.jpgSome poor people live on the waterfront in old vans, buses or mini buses. But most of these vans are parked in the prestigious district of Puerto Madero.
63unknown-buenos-aires.jpg64unknown-buenos-aires.jpgI was very astonished by the fact that near the center, in front of the Jorge Newbery Airport, there are huge, open spaces not occupied by anything, despite a densely structured city nearby. There aren't even any yards, as all the space between the streets is built up!
65unknown-buenos-aires.jpg66unknown-buenos-aires.jpgA little further on the waterfront, there’s The Remembrance park (Parque de la Memoria).
67unknown-buenos-aires.jpg68unknown-buenos-aires.jpgThe park is gloomy and boring. However, it’s big and located on the beach, not far from Tierra Santa.
69unknown-buenos-aires.jpg70unknown-buenos-aires.jpg71unknown-buenos-aires.jpg80unknown-buenos-aires.jpgAnd next to these sights, there is a second Argentine airport, Jorge Newbery (Aeroparque). The planes take off and land there, and sometimes the locals even come to watch them.
81unknown-buenos-aires.jpgIn Buenos Aires, you can also have a free ride on vintage trams. The "Association of Friends of the Tram" restores the trams.
82unknown-buenos-aires.jpgThe tram makes a circle for 20 minutes, and brings you back to the starting point. The tram has a guide, who also sells souvenirs.
88unknown-buenos-aires.jpgAuthor: Maksim Lemos - Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
Translated by: Zoozi

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