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Unknown Saint Petersburg

Nefer • 3 minutes read • December 4th, 2016
1unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgWe were on the celebration of the Day of the Russian Navy.
2unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg3unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg4unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg5unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg6unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg7unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg8unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg9unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg10unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgPeople were standing in a queue to get the Mexican vessel.
11unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg12unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg13unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg14unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgThere was a protest on the 

Field of Mars

15unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's a lantern on the waterfront on the

Panteleimonovsky Bridge

16unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgHere's another lantern nearby the Academy of Arts and Industry.
17unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg18unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgThis is a mosaic courtyard.
19unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg20unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg21unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg22unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg23unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg24unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg25unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgHere are angels. They are red on the other side.
26unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg27unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg28unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgThe mosaic courtyard is located in the beginning of Tchaikovsky street, near the Fontanka. There is Small Academy of Arts. 
In the photo below, there are guns around Transfiguration Cathedral.
29unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgThe official name of the cathedral - The Cathedral of the Lord's Transfiguration of all the Guards. The fence is decorated with captured Turkish guns captured in the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829. In addition, there are a few interesting details.
30unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg31unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg32unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgThis is a house of the Mourousis. In the 1960s, Iosif Brodsky lived there.
33unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgI was actually coming there. This is the entrance of a house, located at 21 Liteyny Avenue. Unfortunately, the door was closed. It is said that there are sphinxes sitting behind it!
34unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgThen stumbled to the Chinese public garden. The Garden of Friendship was opened in 2003 to celebrate the city's 300th anniversary. It is a gift from Shanghai, twin city of

St. Petersburg

35unknown-saint-petersburg.jpgThis is Wall of Nine Dragons.
36unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg37unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg38unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg39unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg40unknown-saint-petersburg.jpg Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
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