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UPDATE. Cruise Ships for Sale: Celebrity Cruises

4 minutes read • May 30th, 2018
Recently, we’ve started a series of articles about old

cruise ships for sale

. The thing is we found several cruise liners on S&P broker websites, and they reminded us of well-known vessels operated by popular cruise lines. We decided to organize a small investigation, and it led us to interesting results.
Last time we talked about Pullmantur Cruises’ ships that might leave their fleet soon (you can find the story via this link).
Today we’re going to check whether Celebrity Cruises intends to sell any of its representatives in the nearest future.
Celebrity Cruises cruise ships for sale
©  Public Domain/Wikimedia
We remind you that we’ve already talked about several ships that looked like the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. liners six months ago (you can read it here). That time we discussed two members of Celebrity Cruises’ fleet that were likely to leave the company. However, apparently, the situation has changed. But first things first.
We offer you to look at one cruise ship put up for sale via this link. Does she remind you of someone?
Celebrity Cruises cruise ships for sale
©  Public Domain/Pixabay
As for us, she looks pretty similar to Celebrity Millennium. Anyway, it’s easy to see distinctive features of Celebrity Cruises’ livery, isn’t it? Nevertheless, let’s compare general characteristics of Celebrity Millennium and of the ship we found.
Ship's Characteristics Celebrity Millennium Ship for sale
Year of construction 2000 2000
Tonnage (GT) 90,963 90,963
Length (m) 294 (964.6 ft) 294
Beam (m) 32 (105.6 ft) 32
Draft (m) 8 (26.3 ft) 8
Speed (Knots) 24 24
Capacity 2,138 2,158

Well, it seems this beautiful lady is likely to join another cruise family in the nearest feature. By the way, the ship we found is priced at $ 350,000,000. 

Now, the good news is the ship that looks pretty similar to Celebrity Constellation is no longer on this list (and she was on the list six months ago). It seems, the company changed its mind, and it cannot but please its fans.
Besides, let’s not forget about the groundbreaking cruise ship that will join Celebrity Cruises soon: Celebrity Edge is scheduled to depart on her maiden sailing in December 2018. In the meantime, let’s check several pictures from the shipyard via this link

Do you prefer sailing on cozy small cruise ships with a long history or innovative liners with numerous onboard attractions for every taste? Please share your thoughts in the comments.
There are still several cruise lines to discuss, so stay tuned (you can check Marella Cruises' cruise ships for sale here).

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